Violet Evergarden Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Things To Know

Are you excited for the release of Violet Evergarden Season 2?

I’m so excited for the second season of Violet Evergarden! I’ve watched the first season and it’s one of my favorite anime. It’s a curious mix of light-hearted comedy with heart-rending drama, all set in an alternate world where people are at war. There are many characters to love, plus plenty of action scenes that will keep you on your toes.

The first season aired in January 2018, and many fans were left wanting more. If you haven’t seen the show yet, I recommend watching it right away!

Before we go to the second season of Violet Evergarden, let’s go back to the first season and find out how it all started.

However, here are a few things to know about this season, so you can be prepared. 

Violet Evergarden Season 2 Release Date

Violet Evergarden Season 2

As time goes by, more information is being released about the second season of Violet Evergarden. We know that there are many questions left unanswered, particularly in regards to some characters, so let’s try to ease these curiosities.

Before talking about anything else, it’s best to discuss when you can expect the sequel to premiere. That way, viewers will know exactly when they can watch new episodes of this series. This may seem like a long time from, but things could always change.

The first movie sequel of Violet Evergarden was released in 2020. However, many fans still anticipating for the second season.

It is rumored to release sometime in the end 2021 or 2022. Although time might change , there are rumors circling around the web that it will be released in late 2022.

As mentioned, nothing has been confirmed by Kyoto Animation yet. But in general, anime projects usually take about 1 year to make. So if they’re following tradition, then you can expect Violet Evergarden Season 2 to come out next year when 2021 ends.

Violet Evergarden Plot

Violet Evergarden Season 2

This is the main question on everybody’s mind. What is the plot of this series?

To answer that, you first need to watch Season 1 of Violet Evergarden. Without watching its predecessor, it will be very difficult for you to understand what is happening in Season 2.

Violet Evergarden is a Japanese light novel written by Kana Akatsuki and illustrated by Akiko Takase. The series has also been picked up for an anime adaptation to air in January 2018 with Kyoto Animation as the studio animating it with Rekka Katakara providing scripts while Junichi Sato serves as director.

Violet Evergarden is a novel written by Kana Akatsuki. The series is set in a steampunk-esque alternative timeline of the twentieth century, and follows the protagonist Violet Evergarden, a formerly known as Cattleya Baudelaire after she served as an Auto Memories Doll from the Great War until roughly four years before the beginning of this story.

As a Doll, Violet wrote many letters for soldiers on their death beds to help them pass on more easily, often accompanying each soldier with her own feelings to make them feel slightly better about dying. These letters became the only way anyone remembered who they were or what they wanted to say posthumously due to how simple it was for people to forget things over time leading up until death.

Violet ended up leaving her life as a Doll to discover what it was like outside of the military and find out why she wrote the letters in the first place, curious about what could make her feel like that.

The story focuses on exploring different types of relationships between people, with an emphasis on “lonely sadness” expressed through each character’s actions and regrets. The basic idea behind the series was described by Kana Akatsuki as being that “it is only memories that connect humans together”.

In Violet Evergarden there are many powerful messages, just from reading these few sentences you can see how much pain and hurt violet went through when she was younger and this shows in her current life style and habits (such as not eating until her stomach hurts). These messages make up the story and plot of Violet Evergarden, but there is also a deeper meaning behind the series such as how people learn from their mistakes and do not repeat them (which can be seen through violet), it shows how someone’s past can affect their future so much that they have to live with it forever.

And lastly the true meaning of/behind this anime is how love can change a person so much in a good way, you see this happen throughout the anime many times where someone would fall in love and become better from it. And this is something everyone should learn from especially when going into adulthood.

Violet Evergarden Characters

This is another important thing we need to talk about – The characters in this series. Although each character has a unique personality, their feelings are very relatable. There are many new characters that were introduced at the end of the first season.

1. Violet Evergarden

Violet 1

She is the protagonist of the Violet Evergarden series, which follows her remarkable life. Violet was a former soldier who fought in World War II while serving in the Leidenschaftlich army and being treated as nothing more than a weapon.

After the War, Violet became an Auto Memories Doll at the CH Postal Company in order to understand the significance of the words “I love you,” which Gilbert Bougainvillea, said to her during the War’s final battle.

2. Gilbert Bougainvillea

gilbert 1

Gilbert is a lieutenant in the Leiden Shaf Rich Army. He holds Violet dear to his heart above everything else.

3. Claudia Hodgins

claudia 1

During their time in the military, he was close friends with Gilbert and tries to assist Violet in taking her first steps toward a new life so that she can free him of his own guilt, which stems from Violet’s treatment while he was in the military.

4. Cattleya Baudelaire

Cattleya 1

Cattleya is an Auto Memory Doll who works for the CH Postal Company as its most popular doll.

Since before the firm was founded, she has been close to Hodgins, and became one of its first employees.

*Wrap It Up

Although the story in the first season is less clear, the story does show us that Major Gilbert is someone who means a lot to him. In the story there is a scene where Gilbert is seriously injured and tries to communicate something to Violet.

Even if he doesn’t give anything until he reaches the end. As a result, the next season may answer whether Gilbert made it to the finish or if Gilbert would instead sacrifice his life during the war.

Then, let’s wait for the second season so we can see what happens.

While waiting for Season 2, it’s better for you to watch and remember the previous season. I recommend others to watch this anime as it has some really beautiful scenes and also its very unique and interesting point of view.

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