Trinity Seven Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Things To Know

Many Trinity Seven fans are waiting the continuation of the story in season 2, after the first season’s success amazed the audience.

What is it about Trinity Seven Season 2 that makes it look forward to? This anime, which is drawn from a manga story, does have a compelling narrative. The anime content makes it appealing to a wider audience. It involves action, magic, comedy, supernatural, romance, fantasy, and ecchi in such a way that it attracts the attention of the viewers more.

It’s been 7 years since the first season premiered, in 2014, but the second season hasn’t aired yet. So, when is the release date? Are you looking for this information? Keep reading this article and find the answer!

Trinity Seven Season 2 Release Date

trinity seven season 2

After all, if Trinity Seven Season 1 was aired on October 8, 2014 with 12 episodes, then what about the second season?

It seems that the ending of Trinity Seven Season 1 was not enough for the audience.Because of that, many fans are waiting for the release of the second season of Trinity Seven.

Don’t worry, it’s said that the sequel to this anime will be released soon. Yes, it was originally scheduled for April 11, 2019, but owing to a delay no one knows how long, it has been postponed.

There was a pandemic going on during the delay, so there was no clear news the release of the second Trinity Seven.

Trinity Seven season 2 is expected to premiere in the latter half of 2021. While you wait for the next Trinity Seven anime, there’s nothing wrong with watching the first one.

Trinity Seven Plot

trinity seven season 2

The Trinity Seven anime has a rating of 7 out of 10 on the website, so it’s highly suggested that you watch it. For those of you who haven’t seen it, here’s a little summary.

This anime tells the life of Kasuga Arata, a high school boy who is discovered to have powers. His strength is so great, equal to that of a demon lord, he can even create a black sun that causes the phenomenon of destruction.

He is not alone, but with his cousin Hijiri Kasuga. His cousin also has great strength and has a grimoire weapon that is used to create an artificial world. They also live in the artificial world, but unfortunately Hijiri disappeared into the black sun.

There’s also another character who appears as a magician, he’s Asami Lilith. Asami Lilith is a teacher at the Biblia Wizarding Academy who predicts that Arata will be the next Dark Wizard King.

Asami then offered him two alternatives: to give up Hijiri’s grimoire or face death. Arata, on the other hand, didn’t pick either option; instead, he decided to study magic in Lilith’s realm and Lilith allowed it.

Day by day, Arata and Lilith are getting closer, even their relationship is more than just teacher and student. Lilith has different feelings, she always pays more attention to Arata. However, their love story does not go smoothly, because in the Magician Academy there are many people who are also interested in Arata.

Apart from that, Arata as a student, he must start his new life and do the tasks as a wizard student in general. He had to meet 7 witches and learn from each one. These seven magicians are nicknamed the “Trinity Seven”.

Trinity Seven Characters

1. Arata Kasuga

kasuga arata 1

Arata Kasuga is a Magic King who uses the Superbia archive and is also the main protagonist of the Trinity Seven story, who has the ability to undo and copy magic.

Something terrible happened to the city Kasuga Arata lives in, and his cousin gave him an object. He attempts to become a magician in order to save Hijiri when he learns she might be alive.

Arata is a carefree and pleasant guy who finds amusements in every situation. He’s mostly joking around and taunting others, even while in life-threatening situations.

2. Hijiri Kasuga

Hijiri Kasuga 1

Hijiri Kasuga is Arata’s childhood friend and cousin who vanished as a result of the Destruction Phenomenon after giving him the Manuscript Astil Magic Book.

3. Levi Kazama

kazama levi 1

The protagonist of the series is the Trinity Seven, a member of Invidia’s Trinity Seven who is currently attending the Royal Biblia Academy.

She is one of the world’s three strongest super tricksters, one of the top five mages at fighting, and she herself claims that she is near the third or fourth strongest person in the world. She was one of Arata’s initial allies as a user of Shamanic Spells.

4. Lilith Asami

asami lilith 1

Lilith Asami, or Lilith Azazal is the teacher at the Royal Biblia Academy, and the Trinity Seven of the Luxuria Archive balls.

She is the one who first introduced Arata to the realm of magic, and she became one of his earliest friends and allies, watching and supporting him from the beginning.

5. Lieselote Sherlock

Lieselote 1

Lieselote Sherlock is the Trinity Seven of Acedia. Lieselotte has since become his friend and ally after being defeated and saved by Arata.

Lieselotte is a lovely young woman with long, flowing blonde hair that is tucked up in a pair of twin tails. Her sister has blue eyes, but they are quite a different color. She is also very well-endowed. She wears thigh boots, opera gloves, a short skirt with a cape-like dress that leaves her midriff exposed and is held by two strings connected to her choker.

6. Yui Kurata

Yui Kurata 1

Yui Kurata is a Cardinal class mage and the Trinity Seven of the Avaritia Archive, making her second only to the Biblia’s Headmaster. She was imprisoned in a dungeon until she was saved by her companions and Arata, forming a close ally and friend. Yui is very close to Arata.

7. Arin Kannazuki

Arin Kannazuki 1

Arin Kannazuki is the Ira archive’s Trinity Seven, a Chaotic Rune magician who has a similar appearance to Arata’s childhood friend Hijiri.

She is also the Magic King’s partner, becoming an early ally and close friend to Arata.

8. Mira Yamana

Mira Yamana 1

Mira Yamana, also known as Amano Kagami, Head of Grimoire Security, is a former Trinity Seven of the Superbia Archive.

She is initially hostile towards Arata after his transfer to Biblia due to her disposition and role, but she comes to accept him as an ally and friend.

9. Akio Fudo

Akio Fudo 1

Akio Fudo is a member of the Trinity Seven and the third seat of Grimoire Security in the Gula Archive.

Akio was originally an adversary of Arata, but has since become his friend and ally after being Mira’s partner. Based on pure offensive force, Akio won’t allow anyone to get close to her.

*Wrap It Up

What will the story of Arata, Hijiri, and Lilith be next? Will they be able to survive the phenomenon of devastation? How is Arata’s love story depicted?

Find out where you can watch season two! Don’t forget to read on for additional information regarding related sites!

If you can’t wait for the continuation of the story in season 2, try to watch it again!

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