Rent A Girlfriend Season 2: Things To Know About

You’re single, you’ve exhausted all your options with Tinder, and now you want to try something new. Renting a girlfriend may be the answer!

This popular show will teach you everything about how to rent a girlfriend for an affordable price. It’s never too late to find love!

The first season of Rent A Girlfriend was a hit. The second is now upon us and it’s time to get informed about the show. This blog post will tell you what to know about Rent A Girlfriend season 2.

So tune in if you want to find out how these couples handle their differences when it comes to movie selection.

The perfect anime series for anyone who wants a light-hearted romance story, Kanojo Okarishimasu Season 2 has been announced!

The second season of the popular Japanese romantic comedy TV show is sure to please any fan of the genre. What should you know before starting the new season?

Let’s take a look at some things that will make your viewing experience more enjoyable.

Rent A Girlfriend Season 2 Release Date

Rent A Girlfriend Season 2

The first season of Rent A Girlfriend is aired in July 2020 with 12 episodes. The series was a success and now the producers have some plans for the next installment of this light-hearted show.

After the last episode, they announced that the show will be getting a second season in 2022, but there’s no word yet about the details. We can expect the release date of Rent A Girlfriend Season 2 to be sometime in 2022.

The Kanojo Okarishimasu anime’s official Twitter account revealed this news. They mentioned above that Season 2 of Kanojo Okarishimasu will premiere in 2022.


According to Kanojo Okarishimasu’s official Twitter, the crew and voice actors of this anime will work hard to make the sequel of one of 2020s most popular anime.

The cast from the first season will return with all-new episodes to keep us on our toes throughout Rent A Girlfriend season 2!

Although it takes up to two years, we’ll at least know if the second season of this anime will premiere in 2022. We may therefore watch the first season again while waiting for fresh information from the official account, and we can keep an eye out for any leaks that may surface ahead of time.

Rent A Girlfriend Plot 

Rent A Girlfriend Season 2

Rent A Girlfriend or Kanojo Okarishimasu in the Japanese title is an anime rom-com that is unique and popular when it was first released in 2020.

Kazuya Kinoshita is a college student who has been dumped by his girlfriend he’d been dating for approximately a month, Mami Nanami. After being abandoned by his beautiful companion, Kazuya attempts to mend his broken heart by hiring a replacement online through a website that offers girlfriends for rent.

Chizuru Mizuhara, the number one girlfriend from the Rental Agent is hired by Kazuya. Chizuru satisfied all of Kazuya’s demands and succeeded in attracting this lonely guy by way of her excellent “girlfriend” service.

However, when he looked through the reviews of other girlfriend rental application users who praised Chizuru’s compassion while renting her as their “rental boyfriend,” he discovered one regarding Chizuru from a previous client that lauded her sentiment.

Even so, Kazuya decided to rehire Chizuru for a second time. In essence, he was scolded by Chizuru for giving him one star because he thought it absurd.

But while they were bickering, he got a phone call informing him that his grandmother had fainted and was being rushed to the hospital. They raced to the hospital following the news.

The Kazuya family was shocked to learn that their son was carrying a beautiful woman, and they wanted to know who Chizuru was. After being surprised for a while, Kazuya decided to make a hasty decision and claim that Chizuru was his girlfriend.

But after that incident, Kazuya had to continue to hire Chizuru as his girlfriend to calm the grandmother’s heart.

Rent A Girlfriend Characters

1. Chizuru Ichinose


She is a student who is at the same university as Kazuya. She also works for a rental-girlfriend agency, under the name Chizuru Mizuhara.

2. Kazuya Kinoshita


He is the main protagonist of the Rent A Girlfriend series. He is a college student at Nerima University and he lives alone in an apartment in 203 Royal Hills Nerima.

3. Mami Nanami


She is Kazuya’s ex-girlfriend. After beginning college, Mami started dating Kazuya. She terminated the relationship after only one month. She still has feelings for him and wishes to reconcile with him, even though she has broken up with him.

4. Ruka Sarashina


Ruka is a young, athletic woman who is afflicted with a fast heartbeat at birth. She wants to do exciting activities in order for her heart rate to increase. In order to find love and a quicker pulse, she becomes a rental girlfriend.

5. Sumi Sakurasawa


She is one of the primary deuteragonists in Rent A Girlfriend series. She’s a first-year college student who works as a rental girlfriend.

Sumi is shown to be extremely introverted and afraid of making mistakes, but she gradually begins to open up while spending time with Kazuya.

Final Words

The longer they are together, the more Kazuya has feelings for Chizuru. In the second season maybe we will see the development of the relationship between this couple.

Will they like each other, or is it the other way around? Let’s wait for the sequel to Rent A Girlfriend season 2 later.

Are you excited for more episodes of this popular series? Share your thoughts with us! 

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