Re Zero Season 3: Release Date, Plot, Things To Know

The Re Zero Season 3 is out? You may be wondering who’s in it, what the story is like, and if you should watch. If so, read on for some information about this highly anticipated season of this anime series. 

Re Zero is a popular anime series that has been around for years. What makes this show so great is that it continues to evolve and change in every season.

The story follows Subaru Natsuki who has been transported to a world where he can use magic called “Return by Death”. Subaru meets Emilia after being saved by her, and together they try to figure out how to get back home while fighting against witches-creatures that are terrorizing the land.

Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- has two seasons. Re Zero season 1 in 2016 with 26 episodes, and the second season is set to premiere in 2020-2021 with a total of 25 episodes.

The ending of the story in the second season is extremely suspenseful, and fans are waiting for Re Zero Season 3 to arrive as quickly as possible.

Re Zero Season 3 Release Date

Re Zero Season 3

From now on, this is what fans are eagerly anticipating. The Re Zero Season 3 Release Date is currently unknown, but the wait promises to be worth it for sure!

The second season was so great that fans will surely want another one after that, especially because of how much they love Subaru and everyone else in the show.

Re Zero Season 3 has yet to be confirmed by the producers of the anime series, but there are rumors that promise a third season will come out. However, no official statements have been made about whether these speculations are true or not.

For now, fans can only hope for its arrival with an open mind until more information is released about Re-Zero Season 3 release date by White Fox. 

Considering the previous season, this anime was released twice, with a 12-episode first part and a 13-episode second part. This is most likely to happen in the third season as well.

In an interview with Crunchyroll in 2020, one of the producers, Sho Tanaka, said that Rezero Season 3 might be released. After watching the second season, he says fans will be asking for Rezero Season 3.

Re Zero Plot

Re Zero Season 3

In Re: Zero, this story follows Natsuki Subaru’s arrival to an alternate fantasy world at the start of the story. However, Subaru realizes he has a unique talent that causes him to be transported into another world.

Subaru’s power is “Return from Death,” which allows him to return to a previously randomly determined initial point in time after dying. Similar to the save feature in video games, this permits Subaru to go back to a previously randomly determined initial point in time after death. Because of his abilities as a whole, he may overcome various obstacles by repeating and planning how he died.

The second season of Re zero is just “Arc 4” from the original book, leaving White Fox plenty of material to adapt. The current arc follows Subaru and Emilia as they try to rescue the Sanctuary’s citizens who are trapped by a mysterious supernatural wall.

The fifth arc, which will later become the source of this anime’s story, follows Subaru and his allies as they struggle to unite the Royal Election Camp in Watergate City with the aim of defeating the Witch Cult that has controlled the Kingdom.

Re Zero Characters

Re Zero has many characters and each of these characters has an important role to play in the story. Some of them are:

1. Natsuki Subaru


Subaru is the main character of Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu. He was a hikikomori that arrived in Lugnica through unknown means and was given the power to Return by Death by Satella.

Despite being a hikikomori and gamer in his real world, Subaru does some exercise and appears to know basic hand-to-hand combat, making him not entirely ineffective.

2. Emilia

emilia 1

She is a female protagonist. She is one of the possible successors to the throne in the royal election, a silver-haired half-elf girl with kindhearted tendencies that like to care for others but refuse to acknowledge it, believing it to be her own selflessness.

Because her appearance is similar to that of the Witch of Envy, she has been subjected to prejudice. She might act like a kid from time to time and is unfamiliar with the world since she used to live in the woods with other Elves, but she nevertheless works hard to become a ruler.

3. Rem

rem 1

Rem is one of Roswaal L Mathers’ two maids. She has a superficial politeness about her that may make her come across as rude at times.

Rem holds herself in high regard and feels guilty for an event in the past, which leads to her feeling inferior.

4. Ram

ram 1

Ram is one of the twin maids employed by Roswaal L Mathers. She acts as if she’s only concerned with herself, but in reality she maintains a distance from others to study them.

She feels that Roswaal is the greatest and no one else is as precious.

5. Roswaal L. Mathers

roswaal 1

He is the ruler of the Roswaal Estate, margrave of the Mather territories, and Dragon Kingdom of Lugnica’s Court Mage.

He has a strange appearance and voice that remind Subaru of a clown. He is one of Lugnica’s most powerful mages who is also a highly prominent figure.

Final Words

There has been no official announcement of Season 3 yet. As a result, fans will have to wait for the decision on the new cast, and the new story, who will be present in the third season later.

Is this anime adapted only to that arc, as the above description indicates? Or will it go on to form a larger series, which is yet to be announced. Many fans believe that Rezero season 3 will continue the s of story “Re:Zero” with additional elements. The cruelty and biological torment that Subaru has endured for a long time will be continued in Rezero season 3.

Due to his ability to resurrect, he has been able to benefit and curse himself. More information will most likely be revealed in a future update, which will be notified to the public.

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