Ouran High School Host Club Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Things To Know

Ouran Highschool Host Club is one of the most well-known anime, with a compelling story, and it’s no surprise that it’s so popular. After Netflix aired the first season in April 2006 and successfully tranquilized the audience, rumors about the continuation, Ouran High School Host Club Season 2 began to circulate.

What about the second season if season 1 has 26 parts with a duration of 20 minutes each? You’re undoubtedly curious and can’t wait for it, aren’t you?

It was rumored that the second season of Ouran Highschool Host Club would premiere in 2016, but it did not happen. There is currently no knowing when Ouran Highschool Host Club Season 2 will be shown for the first time. Continue reading to know more about this topic!

Ouran High School Host Club Season 2 Release Date

Ouran High School Host Club Season 2

No one knows about Ouran Highschool Host Club Season 2 yet and it will probably be a surprise for all the fans, even if we hope that the rumors will prove to be true.

There has been no official announcement of Ouran High School Host Club Season 2 Release Date. It seems that the pandemic situation has delayed the production and broadcast of your favorite anime. However, don’t worry, let’s wait until the end of 2021 or next year!

According to many rumors, the second season of Ouran Highschool Host Club will premiere at the end of 2021, however there is no official announcement yet. In fact, until now, the trailer and teaser for this anime have not been released.

You may prepare for this by re-watching the first season. If you start to forget what happens in the story, here is a short summary of the plot of Ouran Highschool Host Club Season 1. For those who haven’t seen it, be cautious since there are spoilers ahead.

Ouran High School Host Club Plot

Ouran High School Host Club Season 2

If you recall, the main part of Ouran Highschool Host Club is about Haruhi Fujioka, who accidentally enters the world of Ootori Kyoya’s family and gets involved in their unusual hobby. Kyoya is the second son in a family of rich people, who specialize in organizing extravagant parties.

This series tells the story of a young student named Haruhi Fujioka who is also a member of the Ouran High School club. One day she accidentally breaks an expensive flower vase at the Ouran Highschool Host Club. Because of that, Haruhi was forced to pay her debts by working at the club.

Haruhi has six friends who are both club members that assist her in her work. Except for Haruhi, they were all boys.

Tamaki Suoh is the club’s president as well as the most popular emcee, with a handsome face. There are also mischievous twins named Kaoru and Hikaru, who are identical. Kyoya Ootori, Mori, and Haninozuka are three additional club members with a similar characteristic: humor.

Haruhi is quite close with his six good friends, and she has even had romantic sentiments for some of them. Haruhi and Tamaki’s romance is the most powerful interesting one.

In the previous episode, both Haruhi and Tamaki shared their feelings with one another. Is it then assumed that they will go into a more intimate relationship? That’s not simple. It turns out that all of the club members’ parents want to match their child with Haruhi. The tension between the club members also grew.

Ouran High School Host Club Characters

1. Haruhi Fujioka

Haruhi Fujioka 1

Hauhi Fujioka is a girl who transfers to Ouran Academy and in the Host Club. Despite her wealthy family, she has no experience in commoner life and tries to fit in at school with simple hand-me-downs from her brothers.

Haruhi does have quite a lot of talents that are not bound by money. She is a mathematics genius and her musical talent is good enough that she plays the violin in a concert.

2. Tamaki Suoh

Tamaki Suoh 1

Tamaki is a student at Ouran Academy, a member of the Host Club, and president of the club bears his name. Tamaki acts as a father figure to most members of the 2nd generation, especially Haruhi, although he is only one year older than she is. He never gives his real name to anyone except Haruhi, who found out because of a slip-up by Kyouya.

It was the first time in the history of Ouran High School Host Club that someone other than Kyoya had uncovered this fact, demonstrating how close they are. Tamaki also does not like to be referred to as the King, and instead prefers to be called “big brother”. He is extremely popular with girls because of his looks and personality, but he only has eyes for Haruhi.

3. Kaoru and Hikaru Hitachiin

Hitachiin 1

The twins are known for their playboy nature and their good looks. They are together in everything, even fighting.

But when an argument occurs, they are always divided by Haruhi Fujioka because she is their common denominator. The Hitachiin twins’ unique ability is to mimic the personality of anyone they speak with for five minutes.

4. Kyoya Ootori

Kyoya Ootori 1

Kyoya is a member of the Ouran High School Host Club and the vice-president of the committee. Kyoya is a smart, calculating boy who always has his eyes set on profits and properties.

He constantly carries a notebook with him that he uses to gather information about others, but uses this for his own benefit. Kyouya’s family owns a huge business empire that includes Ouran Academy. His father is the only person who can make Kyouya see reason when he will not back down from something.

5. Mori

mori 1

Mori is a member of the Ouran High School Host Club and uses his calm, gentle personality to engage customers in conversation while Haruhi serves them tea.

He often has an aloof expression on his face, but he has a good friendship with the Hitachiin twins. Mori is often seen with Honey near him, who always tries to get close to him.

6. Haninozuka Mitsukuni

Haninozuka Mitsukuni 1

Also known by his nickname Honey, Haninozuka is a member of Ouran High School’s Host Club and Student Council Committee Secretary.

He is the heir to the Haninozuka family, but cares little about inheriting it. He is often seen with Mori, who always considers him like a younger brother. Honey’s special ability is his physical strength and he loves sweets.

*Wrap It Up

In the second season, the plot will most likely take a turn from what it was in the first. Because the club members are now in their second year of middle school, each has a different perspective.

Every choice they make has a long-term impact on their future. Some elements or occurrences may change Haruhi and Tamaki’s connection. Will they continue to be together? What will happen if they don’t work things out?

Very curious about the continuation of this anime series, right? You need to be patient a little more. There’s nothing wrong with re-watching the first season while you wait for the sequel to air.

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