No Game No Life Season 2: Things To Know About

Do you need to know what is going on with the new season of No Game No Life?

Well, this blog post will answer all your burning questions! Get ready for some intense anime action as we dive into everything you need to know about No Game No Life Season 2. 

No Game No Life is an anime series based off a light novel series by Yuu Kamiya. The show follows two hikikomori siblings who are transported into a world where everything is decided by games. With their gaming skills, they quickly conquer the world and become gods over it. They then embark on a journey with other inhabitants of their new world in order to find adventure beyond games.

The series originally aired in April 2014 and ended on the twelfth episode of the first season. A movie, No Game No Life: Zero was released in Japan later that year. and told a completed story between the first and second seasons of the show.

While there have been talks about No Game No Life Season 2 happening ever since its predecessor finished airing, they were only rumors until more recently.

No Game No Life Season 2 Release Date

No Game No Life Season 2

According to some rumors, No Game No Life Season 2 was announced at the end of 2017! Unfortunately, due to some issues with Madhouse, Studio co-founded by Madhouse’s CEO Masao Maruyama, it will not be out until 2020. Over six years have passed, and otakus are now wondering about their future. Furthermore, Madhouse is recognized for producing mostly one-season anime series, which has fueled the speculation that it will not be renewed.

However, since there are plans for both a light novel series and manga series after the movie, there is still plenty of content coming your way!

If you did not watch season 1 or did not finish the anime series after watching it, you should go back and continue watching so that you can get caught up on everything before Season 2 comes out! It is worth noting that the second season starts off exactly where its predecessor left off if you were confused about anything in the first episode.

No Game No Life Plot 

No Game No Life Season 2

No Game No Life is an anime series about two brothers who play video games. It follows Shiro and Sora, a pair of brothers who are brilliant gamers. They lead a lonely existence while undefeated in the world of virtual gaming.

However, when a god from another dimension, Tet, challenges them to a chess match, everything changes. Following their victory, Tet offers them a position in a video game world. The pair accepts this invitation and is taken to the new reality by Tet. And in this reality, they must follow the rules while competing and winning against other species.

No Game No Life Characters

1. Sora

sora 1

Sora is a brilliant hikikomori gamer who lives with his stepsister, Shiro. He’s not particularly serious about life and is more or less a gaming slacker. One day, he and his sister are called to another world.

Sora is known for his sly grin and tall, thin stature. Despite being a NEET and a recluse, he is energetic and self-assured, not afraid to play games with individuals face-to-face even when they are cheating.

2. Shiro

shiro 1

Shiro is a genius NEET, hikikomori gamer who is a member of (Blank or Kuuhaku) player, alongside her step-brother Sora.

Shiro is said to be a genius in logic, but she has difficulty comprehending emotions or behaviors, requiring Sora’s assistance to overcome human opponents like Tet in their chess game.

3. Stephanie Dola

stephanie 1

Stephanie is passionate and emotional to the point that she can’t conceal her feelings well.

However, despite her intellectual superiority and education, she is not great at games, as she was shown early on when she lost to the twin brothers and was forced to obey their demands.

4. Tet

tet 1

He is the One True God, who dwells in a king chess piece. He took on the title after the eternally recurring war, which he won despite not taking part in it at all.

Final Words

No Game No Life Season 2 should be announced at any time because it would make anime fans ecstatic.

We’re hoping that it will be released in the next few years. It all depends on whether or not the light novels will resume from their hiatus.

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