Kaichou wa Maid-sama Season 2: Things To Know About

If you’re a fan of the Maid-sama series, then this article is for you. It has everything that you need to know about the second season of the show. It includes release date, cast, and some spoilers.

Maid Sama is an anime adapted from a manga. This anime is one of the pioneers of anime with the romantic comedy genre since the last 11 years. But many of the fans can’t wait to see the continuation of the anime in Kaichou wa Maid Sama season 2.

Maid Sama is a 2010 Japanese anime series about a high school student named Sawako who joins the maid café in order to satisfy her unhealthy desire for popularity. The Kaichou wa Maid Sama anime is highly appreciated by fans of romance anime.

Here are some things to know about Maid sama season 2.

Maid-sama Season 2 Release Date

Maid sama Season 2

The maid sama anime was based on a manga written by Hiro Fujiwara, and it has 18 volumes in total. Even though the Maid-sama Season 2 Release Date is not yet announced, we might see it soon.

On April 2, 2010, the first season of Kaichou wa Maid Sama debuted. The anime concluded in September 2012 with a total of 26 episodes. Many of those who love this anime were disappointed that it had to end. Many of them fought hard to obtain the second season of this series from JC Staff Studios.

In reality, there was already an online petition to get a second season of Kaichou wa Maid Sama. However, despite this, there has yet to be an official announcement regarding the production of a second season.

Fans only wait for Maid Sama season 2 to arrive every year, but they must accept that this anime may only have one season.

Maid-sama Plot

Maid sama Season 2

Maid Sama is the story of Misaki Ayuzawa, a senior at Seiki High, a boys’ school that has just opened its doors to females.

The boys at school have a very negative reputation and are known to get in trouble frequently. Misaki is named as the school’s first female student council president, and she is entrusted with the goal of instilling order so that her current reputation may be improved.

Misaki’s approach to reforming the school doesn’t appear harsh or cruel, and he is frequently referred to as the “Demon President” at school. His classmates consider him a model for a school staff.

Her bright personality, good looks, and kind heart are among the reasons why dhe is such a positive force in the lives of those around her. She has an incredible and efficient dictatorship at her school but outside of it, she’s a complete opposite. She works as a part-time waitress at Maid Latte Cafe to assist her single mother, I was told.

But she was afraid that if anyone found out about her secret life, her reputation which was highly respected in the school would be ruined.

She was still on his shift when she met Usui Takumi outside the Maid Cafe, where she was still dressed in her maid’s outfit. She feared that her reputation would be destroyed if Takumi, the most popular boy at school, found out about her.

But the guy kept his secret to herself, and what was more remarkable is that he attempted to use it as an excuse to approach Misaki later. Now, Takumi is a hostile student who doesn’t care much for females, but when he sees something attractive in Misaki, he pulls it towards her.

Maid-sama Characters

Since there hasn’t been much talk about the main characters of this anime, we might only see the same ones as in season 1.

1. Takumi Usui

usui 1

Usui is one of Seika High’s most popular boys, but he appears to be uninterested in anything and prefers to watch happenings unfold.

He becomes interested in Misaki and is the first to discover she works at a maid café, but he decides to keep her secret and soon falls in love with her.

2. Misaki Ayuzawa

misaki 1

The protagonist of Maid Sama! is Misaki. Because her father abandoned them, leaving them with a significant debt, she lives alone with her mother and younger sister Suzuna.

Misaki worked diligently to become the student council president and “safeguard the girls.” However, she has a secret. To assist her mother pay off her father’s debt, she works at a maid café part-time! She doesn’t want anyone at school to find out since she thinks that if they do, she will lose her responsibilities as student council president.

Final Words

Misaki finally confesses her love for Usui, and the two of them become a couple in the anime, but the manga goes even further. The anime has only reached Chapter 32 of the manga thus far, and there are 85 chapters in total.

While there is no news yet regarding a “Maid Sama!” Season 2, they will have plenty of material to work with since there isn’t one yet.

In the manga, Misaki and Usui’s relationship is followed up with further character development for Usui’s family drama. The new couple is driven apart by his family’s resistance to his dating someone who they perceive to be of lesser social standing.

Despite his family’s efforts to move him, Usui and Misaki marry at the conclusion of the manga, ten years after high school graduation. Season 2 of “Maid Sama!” may very well follow this scenario, but fans can read it now if they don’t want to wait.

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