Highschool of The Dead Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Things To Know

Have you ever watched the Highschool of The Dead? Yes, I’m sure that anime enthusiasts are familiar with this name. This popular anime debuted in 2010. The interesting story left viewers eagerly anticipating the continuation of the series.

It seems that the 12-episode run of 24 minutes each in the first season was too short for Highschool of The Dead fans. This ecchi, action, horror, and supernatural anime category is well worth waiting for the continuation.

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Highschool of The Dead Season 2 Release Date

Highschool of The Dead Season 2

In July 2010, the first season of Highschool of the Dead was released. There are rumors that there will be a continuation story in a second season. Sadly, Daisuke Sato, the anime’s author and mangaka of the Highschool of The Dead passed away.

The sad fact is a significant loss for the Japanese entertainment business, especially given the author and mangaka’s outstanding work. So, will there be a continuation of Highschool of The Dead season 2, even though the creator and mangaka have passed away?

It’s been a decade since the premiere of the first season, but there’s still no word on when season 2 will be released. But don’t give up hope yet, because a new author might continue the Highschool of The Dead story. Fans are still waiting and hoping for the second season to air in 2022, despite all of this.

Highschool of The Dead Plot

Highschool of The Dead Season 2

Highschool of The Dead is an action, adventure, horror and supernatural series about the “walking dead” which are zombies. This anime tells the story of a deadly pandemic outbreak and has now spread to the rest of the world. This mysterious disease kills people simultaneously before turning them into zombies.

The zombies then spread the virus through their bites, thus more and more people become infected. The spread of this disease is very fast, so many people think it is the end of the world.

In this series, the story focuses on a group of young people who try to protect each other from a zombie outbreak. The characters in this series are young people in high school, and they’re trying their hardest to survive. In fact, they escaped from Fujimi High School, which was infested with zombies.

The primary focus of the anime is to have the students try to survive, but they’re also attempting to discover what caused this terrible phenomenon. During their journey, they must face social issues. This is what makes anime even more exciting. Despite its dark tone and tension, the ecchi seasoning adds spice to anime fans’ favorite series.

Highschool of The Dead Characters

The main characters in the high school of the dead are Takashi Komuro, Rei Miyamoto, Saeko Busujima, Shizuka Marikawa, Saya Takagi, Alice Maresato, and Kohta Hirano. These students are trying their best to survive by living in an abandoned building outside of Fujimi High School.

1. Kohta Hirano

Kohta Hirano 1

Kohta Hirano is the male protagonist in this anime. He’s a good rifle shooter and he has excellent physical strength.

Kohta is a superb shooter with a wide range of weapons, but he usually uses the AR-10 Rifle, which has been modified to resemble the Knight’s SR-25 Sniper Rifle.

During their travels, he also collects various weapons and ammunition for the group. He acts as the groups main gunslinger due to his vast expertise on firearms and military

2. Takashi Komuro

Takashi Komuro 1

Takashi Komuro is part of the male hero group. Takashi is a Fujimi Academy student who is the founder and leader of the main group of survivors.

He is a childhood friend of Saya Takagi and Rei Miyamoto, and he has strong feelings for Rei while also having affection for Saeko Busujima.

Takashi is a competent melee fighter, and he has learned how to use guns from Kohta Hirano’s training. He also has excellent leadership abilities, which help him keep his troops together in tough circumstances.

3. Rei Miyamoto

Rei Miyamoto 1

Rei Miyamoto is a main character in the anime. She’s a second-year student at Fujimi High School, and childhood friend of Takashi Komuro. Rei is a central character in the story, along with Takashi Komuro and Saeko Busujima.

Rei is a member of the Sojutsu club, and her combat abilities have proved to be an important asset to the group. She fights with a broomstick spear, but she later uses an M1A1 Rifle with a bayonet.

4. Saeko Busujima

Saeko Busujima 1

Saeko Busujima is a member of the main group of survivors and is one of the school’s beauties. She is affiliated with the Kendo club, and she uses a wooden replica sword that has been customized for her use in battle.

In the group, Saeko is regarded as the most trustworthy of all fighters, and her combat abilities can be relied on to get them through a tough situation if necessary. Saeko is an athletic kunoichi who specializes in close-combat assaults, like Rei Miyamoto.

One of the reasons why they have survived as far as they have is because of her expertise in melee attacks, which is one of Saeko’s forte.

5. Shizuka Marikawa

Shizuka Marikawa

Shizuka Marikawa is the main female protagonist in high school of the dead, and she is the only adult in the group.

Shizuka is a brilliant nurse that provides the group with expertise in medicine. She is also the grownup and looks after Alice Maresato and the others when she’s needed.

6. Saya Takagi

Saya Takagi 1

Saya Takagi is one of the characters in the anime. Saya is an expert with firearms and specializes in handling shotguns. In addition to being a skilled gunner, she also has excellent accuracy as she can shoot accurately without straining her eyesight.

She is a genius, thanks to her enormous intellect, which makes her a valuable asset to the team, though it sometimes leads to stubbornness and vanity. She typically avoids fighting; she prefers to devise tactics that may help the others fight.

7. Alice Maresato

Alice Maresato 1

Alice Maresato is the youngest member in the group. Asami Nakaoka gave her firecrackers to distract the zombies, but she does not yet have any weapons due to her young age.

*Wrap It Up

There are seven main characters in this series, with Takashi Komuro as the center. The seven primary characters have distinct features and personalities. So, can they overcome their differences and discover the source of the dreaded epidemic? Will they be able to survive and discover the cause of the deadly epidemic?

For those who are anxiously waiting for the sequel, be patient! Although there has yet to be an official trailer or teaser, it is expected that this anime will premiere in 2022. According to rumors, the second season of this anime is still being produced and is scheduled to air next year.

So, if you can’t hold off any longer, go ahead and re-watch the first season as well as recall the story.

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