Grimgar Season 2: Things To Know About

Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions or Hai to Gensou no Grimgar (Japanese) is a light novel series that was written by Ao Jyumonji. It has been adapted into an anime premieres in January 2016. It’s been 5 years since the first season aired.

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The first season of Grimgar left many people asking “What’s next?” It seems that the wait is finally over.

Despite its popularity, the long gap between seasons and series leaves fans in the dark. Until now, fans still eagerly waiting for its continuation.

This anime ended in 2016 and since then the producers have neither confirmed nor denied the show’s continuation.

Grimgar is a series that follows the adventures of Haruhiro and his friends as they journey through the world of Grimgar. This show has some great characters and some really interesting plot points.

There are a few things you should know before watching this season! 

Grimgar Season 2 Release Date

Grimgar Season 2

There has been no further information regarding the second season of Grimgar. As we mentioned above, this series has only received an anime adaptation of one season in January-March 2016 with 12 episodes.

Despite the fact that there were a lot of rumors about the programs’ renewals, they remained just that. The anime series is one of the most well-known and adored, so followers aren’t giving up hope for a season 2. Many critics feel that after its popularity faded among the audience, the show’s success was limited to just attracting them back.

The wait for the next season of many anime is often years long. So let’s wait and see if Grimgar will get a second season in 2022 or 2023.

Grimgar Plot

Grimgar Season 2

This fantasy anime focuses on the world of Grimgar. There are a number of thrilling events in this series to look forward to. The anime begins with a group of individuals who are excellent explorers and got lost in the Grimgar fantastic world. They also do not know how they arrived there.

They don’t even know who they are. Also, there is a strict rule in this world, if a person has to kill or otherwise he has to die.

The series follows several of the heroes who create their team to combat all kinds of evil. Furthermore, the group aims to survive the hazardous and deadly conditions in Grimgar’s land. Manato is the group’s charismatic priest leader.

The group’s other members are the knight Ranata, a brave warrior who is quite sociable Moguzo, a nervous magician Shihoru, a bright and happy hunter Yume, and a nervous thief Haruhiro. Although each member of this team is courageous and daring, they have distinct personalities.

It’s enjoyable and exciting to witness how, despite having such distinct personalities, they can coexist. They also look out for one another at every turn to survive the violence.

Grimgar Characters

1. Manato


He is the main character of the anime. He is both the priest and the group’s leader. Manato is powerful, and he brings everyone together regardless of their different personalities.

2. Yume


She is the Hunter of Haruhiro’s party. She has a bright and engaging personality.

She seems to have a hard time remembering things, as she constantly quotes phrases incorrectly. She has the same problem expressing her emotions as Shihoru does.

3. Haruhiro


He is one of the main protagonists of the story. He was initially a diffident youth, but he became more dependable as the days went on. He decided on the career of Thief.

He is seen as a regular Joe with an average physique. He has brown, wavy hair and brown eyes. His eyes are one of the most distinct features about him.

4. Shihoru


She is the Mage of Haruhiro’s party, and has a passive dismissive personality. Shihoru is terrified of people she doesn’t know, and she has little interaction with the opposite gender. Her emotional ties to Manato eventually led to a one-sided infatuation with him.

5. Moguzo


He is the warrior of the party. Moguzo is the tallest and bulkiest member of the group. He is generally the one who faces off against bigger opponents since he is the strongest party member.

Despite his enormous size, he is one of the most mild-spoken and kind individuals in the party. He is usually seen wearing the greatest amount of armament as a warrior. He also carries a huge sword with him.

6. Merry


She is a Priest, the healer in the party. She has a navy blue hair and eyes, according to the description. She is the tallest girl in the party, as far as her height is concerned. She usually dons blue and white apparel, which is a typical Priest’s garb.

7. Ranta


He is the Dread Knight of the party. Ranta is a loud, boastful, and obnoxious guy who appears to be unconcerned with his conduct. He has no quints in making lewd remarks to the women and yet makes earnest advances.

Final Words

Although the first season hit success and got many viewers, there has been no announcement regarding a second season. The show’s chances of returning are poor, but not zero. Fans are anxiously awaiting the series to provide them with more options.

Let’s expect more news soon! from the official information.

This anime is filled with an epic adventure that you will surely enjoy watching. With the release of it’s second season, who knows what may come up?

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and look forward to my next one! See ya!

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