Grand Blue Season 2: Things To Know About

Grand Blue is a Japanese manga that was adapted into an anime in 2018. Grand Blue follows the story of Iori Kitahara and his friends as they experience life in college and take on everything from diving, to fishing, to working at a restaurant.” 

This article will give you all the important information about season 2 of Grand Blue, what it’s about, when it’s coming out, and what to expect from this season!

In case you missed season 1 or want more details about what happened in the first season before watching season 2 you can watch it first.

Overall, fans have a lot of pressing questions. Has it been canceled? Will we be able to see it removed in the future? It appears only time will tell us what Zero-G does with the program. Take a look at the following!

Grand Blue Season 2 Release Date: Will It Be?

Grand Blue Season 2

It appears that Grand Blue has joined the club of anime series with uncertain futures. Despite the fact that the first season was excellent, we have no information regarding its second season.

Anime has a reputation of being long-lasting, but it can take time for it to return on television. Several outstanding anime series are still waiting to be released. It’s been nearly three years since the initial episode aired.

This anime, which was produced by studio Zero-G, has a good high rating on the site. This comedy-genre anime was released in 2018 with 12 episodes.

As of now, we have no official confirmation on the second season of this well-known anime series. There has been no indication that the show will be canceled or renewed on the Internet. We may only wait for the arrival and the newest information from the official source.

The first season is worth to watch if haven’t seen it.

Grand Blue Plot 

Grand Blue Season 2

The story revolves around Iori Kitahara, the protagonist of the anime. When he is accepted to Izu University, he intends to start a new university lifestyle. He has planned to pay a visit to his uncle’s diving business, Grand Blue. However, when he arrives at the scene, some nude and raucous males are partying there instead of him. At first, Iori is hesitant.

He begins to enjoy the company of these well-dressed, inebriated louts. He continues drinking there and performs daring acts. Chisa, his cousin, witnesses her engaging in debauchery with those men. This blunder sparks off a number of serious problems.

He never forgets to live his life wildly by partying and spending time with lovely ladies, despite frequently getting in trouble.

Grand Blue Characters

1. Iori Kitahara


Iori Kitahara moved to his uncle’s diving company, Grand Blue, to begin college. He joins the diving club, which happens to be headquartered at Grand Blue.

When Iori shows up to his first-class naked, he understands that college life will not be what he dreamed it would be.

2. Chisa Kotegawa


A first-year student at Izu University. She’s the younger sister of Nanaka Kotegawa and Iori Kitahara cousin.

She is, however, concerned for others around her. She despises being hit on by other males, to the point of calling Iori her “pretend” boyfriend to keep them at bay. She adores diving so much that she’d want to be friends with anyone who enjoys diving and listens to ocean sounds.

3. Kouhei Imamura


Kouhei Imamura is a beautiful man who openly confesses to being an otaku. His ambition in college was to have a harem consisting of school girls. Iori Kitahara entices Kouei into joining his college’s diving team.

4. Aina Yoshiwara


Aina is a first-year student at Oumi Women’s University. After meeting Iori and Kouhei, she became interested in Grand Blue Diving Club.

She is a modest young woman who dislikes having to show her skin. Chisa quickly becomes Aina’s friend.

Final Words

The anime Grand Blue is a fantastic watch, and it has a strong narrative. It’s no surprise that thousands of fans from all around the world are eagerly anticipating Kimitake Yoshioka’s future comedy action.

But unfortunately, there has been no official confirmation regarding the continuation of the Grand Blue season 2 story.

So let’s wait if there is an update of information about this grand blue anime series.

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