Gamers Season 2: Things To Know

Are you a gamer? Are you looking for the best show to watch that features gaming? Well, look no further. There is a new season coming out! Here are some things to know about Gamers Season 2.

It’s been over four years since the last episode of Gamers aired. fans are in limbo regarding when his next episode will air. They’d love to see the series come to a proper end.

Unlike other video game-themed films, it wasn’t based on the video game world and received a favorable response from fans for its lighthearted romance comedy atmosphere.

The anime adaption of ‘Gamers’ is based on the manga and light novel series by Sekina Aoi. Gamers anime series aired in July 2017 with 12 episodes, and produced by Pine Jam studio.

Will Pine Jam or the producers try to release Gamers season 2 later? Check out this article!

Gamers Season 2 Release Date

Gamers Season 2

When will Gamers Season 2 come out? The release dates of anime usually depend on how quickly they are adapted from their source material. The producers are probably waiting for the manga version to finish before they make another season of this anime.

The Gamers Anime series ended with one season with 12 episodes which was released on July-September 2017.

Since the conclusion of the first season, fans have been waiting for more. The anime’s creators have yet to confirm a second season. However, owing to current global circumstances, we don’t think a second season will be coming any time soon.

The conclusion, nevertheless, will most likely be published in the following year or the year after that. Fans, on the other hand, may very well have to wait a long time to see their beloved franchise on television.

Many fans are looking forward to the release of Gamers Season 2. What do you think about Gamers Season 2? Will it ever be released or not?

Gamers Plot

Gamers Season 2

Keita Amano is a high school student who enjoys playing video games alone. When Karen Tendo, one of the school’s most beautiful girl, invites Keita to join the game club, he refuses.

And from that point on, everything goes horribly wrong for him. Meanwhile, Karen develops a crush on Keita. As a result, his life becomes even more dramatic in terms of love.

As previously said, the second season hasn’t been confirmed yet. As a result, we’re just guessing at the storyline for the next season. We hope that the sequel will pick up where the prior one left off.

The second season will continue to explore the characters’ connections in greater depth. And as that happens, more drama will emerge. For now, we can assure you of additional enjoyable and tearful moments in the next season.

Gamers Characters

1. Keita Amano


He is the main character of the anime. He’s a member of a non-school recognized gamer appreciation group with Chiaki Hoshinomori and Tasuku Uehara, both of whom are students from class 2-F.

2. Karen Tendou


She is the school’s most attractive woman and also president of the Game Club. She invites Keita to join her club, but Keita always rejects her, yet she develops a fascination for him and begins trailing him around afterward while attempting to preserve her reputation.

3. Chiaki Hoshinomori


In Karen’s class, Chiaki is a shy girl who at first appears to have little concern for her appearance. She loves playing games but does not socialize much.

While she and Keita appear to have similar characteristics and are unwittingly connected in a certain social network game, they absurdly quarrel over their opposing views on video game moe culture.

4. Tasuku Uehara


He is an arcade gamer, and also is a classmate of Keita and Aguri’s boyfriend. Both Karen and Keita express their gratitude towards him for this. He is shown to be a good friend, as he decided to set Keita up with Karen because of his attitude toward him.

5. Aguri


She is Tasuku’s girlfriend, and she does not play games nor is interested in them.

Aguri falls for Tasuku after she got a plushie doll in middle school from him, and she modified her appearance to approach him.

Final Words

In conclusion, Gamers Season 2 is an upcoming anime. It’s been a while since the conclusion of season one, and we don’t have any official information about the continuation of this series yet. But we believe that the next season will pick up where the prior one left off.

Since we don’t have a lot of information about the series, it’s quite difficult to comment on the cast for the upcoming season. However, we believe that the majority of the cast will reprise their roles from the previous season.

So, what do you think about Gamers Season 2? Will it ever be released or not?  We hope you enjoyed reading this article. Thanks again for reading!

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