Drifters Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Things To Know

What’s the status of Drifters season 2? It’s no surprise that many people are anticipating it, given that the first season of Drifters successfully sedated its audience. All of this is thanks to the plot and visualization, which are packaged in an intriguing way.

The manga’s anime adaptation has a diverse genre, ranging from fantasy to adventure to action to comedy. The blend of these genres is what entices anime fans.

Drifters is a unique story, even in its unpredictability, has no precedent. Each episode offers a new surprise. That is what keeps the audience interested and addicted to watch new episodes.

So, when is the second season of the Drifters series released? Curious? Check out the information in this article, yes!

Drifters Season 2 Release Date

drifters season 2

No news has been released about the second season of Drifters since it debuted in October 2016, although there was talk of a renewal as recently as last year. Yes, five years have passed since then, and yet nothing has changed.

Is there any info that Drifters Season 2 is being produced?

At the conclusion of season 1’s 12th episode, it was announced that the series would continue into season two. As a result, many fans are anticipating a sequel to appear soon. There has yet to be an official statement from the production side, which is a shame because many people are hoping for one.

From the official side, there is no information regarding the continuation of drifters season 2. However, there are rumors circulating that Drifters season 2 will soon air at the end of 2021 or early 2022.

Curious how the story will continue? Will it be as exciting as the previous season? Keep updating the latest info so you don’t miss it!

Drifters Plot

drifters season 2

Because the Drifters season 2 hasn’t aired yet, it’s okay to recall the previous season’s story. For those of you who haven’t seen this anime, you should watch it first so you don’t get any spoilers!

Drifters is an anime that follows the tale of Shimazu Toyohisa, who comes from the Middle Ages and is sent to the modern era. Before being moved to a contemporary parallel world, Shimazu fought in Sekigahara. In that fight, he was badly wounded and then sent to an all-white room with numerous doors. Shimazu was pulled into one of the doors and rapidly transported to another world.

However, the modern parallel world is definitely much different from his daily life in the Middle Ages. He was astonished to discover people with features different from his own as well as many fascinating creatures.

It turns out that not only Shimazu is in the modern world, but also the warriors in the Middle Ages. Well, Shimazu who is part of the Drifters has the determination to save those tyrants.

To complete the mission, Shimazu was accompanied by a number of soldiers, one of whom was Nobunaga Oda, Japan’s most renowned commander.

There’s also a major figure in this narrative, Yoichi Suketaka Nasu of the Drifters. He is a 19-year-old archer from the Drifters who is very competent. Despite his feminine appearance, Yoichi effortlessly wipes out many adversaries.

Drifters Characters

1. Shimazu Toyohisa

Shimazu Toyohisa 1

He is not only the protagonist of Drifters, but also one of the central figures.

Originally, he died in the year 1600. When he first came into the world, he was injured; however, some young “elves” rescued him and brought him to Nobunaga and Yoichi’s place.

Toyohisa is the most eager of the three Drifters to assist the elves, first by attacking humans who were murdering them and then convincing them to kill the leader of those humans. He has a long sword as well as a short sword on his back. He’s also been seen carrying a rifle, which he only employs when his swords are infeasible.

2. Nasu no Yoichi

Nasu no Yoichi 1

The archer of the Drifters. His main weapon is the bow which could shoot arrows up to nine kilometers away. Nasu no Yoichi is also known for his accuracy, because he can hit a target with an arrow even after seeing it for the first time. And like Shimazu, this person was transported to the modern world from the Sengoku period.

Yoichi is the youngest of the group, having died many years before Nobunaga and Toyohisa. Yoichi’s historical death date is unknown, however some records indicate that he perished on August 8, 1189, or in October of 1190.

3. Nobunaga Oda

oda nobunaga 1

Oda Nobunaga is a general during the Sengoku period. He was one of the most powerful men who ever lived.

He is famous for being the daimyo who prompted the unification of Japan, as well as one of the first Japanese military leaders to use arquebuses in combat. Perhaps because of this, as a Drifter, he employs an arquebus in combat. He has only aged six months since coming to the new world as a Drifter.

*Wrap It Up

Those three major heroes must come together to establish a safe fantasy realm free of monster soldiers and people with magical powers who harbor ill feelings.

So, what will happen next in the story? Was their task accomplished successfully?

It’s better if you watch the first season first, so that when the second season is ready, you will remember and know the story better.

So don’t forget to keep an eye out for news on the Drifters season 2 premiere date!

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