Dr. Stone Season 3: Everything To Know So Far

There are many things to know before watching Dr. stone season 3, so I’ll go through them quickly!

Ever since the first+second season, Dr. Stone has captivated audiences with its unique story telling style that follows two main characters as their paths intertwine.

Dr. Stone is a manga series that follows the adventures of Taiju and Senku as they discover how to bring civilization back after a mysterious disaster wiped out all life on Earth.

The first two seasons were published in Japan last year, but there is no word yet on when Dr. season 3 will come out!

This season will follow up with what has happened with these characters since their last encounter at the end of Season 2 and how things have changed now that there are more people living in the world again.

Will Senku survive another attack? What new challenges await them? Let’s talk about it here!

Dr. Stone Season 3 Release Date

dr stone season 3

The first season of Dr. Stone were released in 2019 with 24 episodes and gaining audiences so good, after the first season finished, the announcement for the second season was immediately reported and aired in 2021 but only 11 episodes with the title Dr. Stones: Stone Wars.

Not satisfied until there, it seems that the fame of this anime made Dr Stone immediately get the third season. Also there is a lot of source material left from the manga to fit more anime seasons.

Although the release date has not yet been announced, a video trailer regarding the continuation of Dr Stone season 3 has appeared on YouTube.

Seeing how long the gap is between seasons one and two, it appears that the third season will premiere in 2022 or 2023.

Even without a concrete date yet, it’s safe to say that you should definitely watch this anime if you haven’t already!

Dr. Stone Plot

dr stone season 3

The story follows Senku Ishigami as he tries to achieve his goal of bringing civilization back from being forever stuck in its Stone Age state.

It has been over 3,700 years since a strange flash almost completely wiped out human life. Senku Ishigami, a 15-year-old student, is resurrected to find himself in a world where all traces of human civilization have vanished owing to time. To figure out the reason behind the catastrophe as well as a cure, Senku establishes a camp and start his experiments.

Senku’s best friend Taiju Oki awakes and He finds out that the revival was made possible by nitric acid over the next six months. They create a compound that allows them to resuscitate individuals instantly as a result of their discovery.

Senku starts by reviving a famous martial artist in Japan named Tsukasa and their classmate Yuzuriha Ogawa, with the goal of reviving the old life.

Tsukasa finally explains that he is opposed to Senku’s proposal for a new scientific civilization, believing the old world had been tainted and should not be restored. He wants to establish a new world order based on power and strength, going so far as to disintegrate any petrified adults he encounters in order to prevent them from getting in his way.

After obtaining the revival compound’s recipe from Senku, Tsukasa tries to kill him when he discovers that Senku knows how to create weapons that he cannot defend against. Believing he had successfully murdered Senku, Tsukasa departs to start his own faction in the Stone World.

Start from here Senku and Tsukasa try to maintain their respective ideologies, in order to achieve their goals.

Dr. Stone Characters

1. Senkuu

dr. stone season 3

Senkuu is a straight-forward, self-assured, and highly logical individual who may come off as insufferable.

His near-overconfidence, on the other hand, does not cloud his judgment; rather, he is frequently supported by his superior knowledge of science.

2. Taiju

dr. stone season 3

He is a friend of Senku and also has a crush on Yuzuriha. Taiju is a courageous bear who works hard for Senku.

He has a muscular and durable body that aids Senku in hunting and lugging large objects. Even little chores make him really enthusiastic, as he may be seen screaming frequently. Taiju dislikes fighting, thus he simply blocks his opponent’s punch.

3. Chrome


He is a friend of Senku and also becomes his partner as a scientist. He is a descendent of modern humans who has shown an interest in science.

4. Kohaku


She is a young girl who is a descendant of present-day humans. She is extremely quick and agile, as well as strong and enduring, being able to carry a hefty pot full of scalding water around on a daily basis. As a result, Chrome refers to her as “Gorilla.”

5. Gen Asagiri

asagiri gen

Gen Asagiri was a popular mentalist who was frequently published in many periodicals, and Tsukasa thought he would be a great tool in his army and revived him before the petrification occurred.

Final Words

In conclusion, although the time between seasons has been long, Dr. Stone Season 3 is confirmed to be coming in 2022 or 2023. As The third season trailer has been released on YouTube.

In the third season there will likely be new characters, and arcs that are more exciting and more challenging.

It’s guaranteed that if you start this anime today and watch all of the way through until tomorrow, you definitely wouldn’t regret it! So let’s wait until Dr. stone season 3 comes!

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