Dororo Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Things To Know

After the first season’s success, which aired from January 2019 to June 2019, many people were anticipating a second season from Dororo. Yes, the Dororo anime is one of the most popular right now, as it is full of adventure and excitement.

This Osamu Tezuka anime is popular among many individuals. Many people enjoy the supernatural genre that is not tedious, which is why this anime is so good.

Despite the fact that there are only 24 episodes in the first season, it is still insufficient for anime lovers. They’re still waiting for the story to continue, although no word on a second season has been given yet.

Are you a fan of the Dororo series who is anxiously waiting confirmation of a second season? Continue reading for more!

Dororo Season 2 Release Date

dororo season 2

The release date of the Dororo sequel has been requested by a number of people. They are eager for the continuation of this supernatural genre anime. There has yet to be an official announcement regarding the arrival of season two of Dororo. In addition, until now, the production of Dororo 2 has not been announced.

Two years have passed after the successful of the first season, then does the second season really exist?

If you look at the ending in episode 24, the author still seems doubtful whether there will be a continuation or just stopping in the first season. However, it is likely that the production of this famous anime will continue, although it is not clear when the release date will be.

Dororo Plot

dororo season 2

Although the anime is titled Dororo, the main character is Hyakkimaru, not Dororo. In this case, Dororo truly serves as a supporting actor.

At first, Hyakkimaru’s story is about his early life, when he was born without facial features. This occurred as a result of a pact made between the father and the devil. To gain great power, Kagemitsu Daigo offered his eldest son to the devil.

Hyakkimaru was then cast into the river, and he was taken in by a person who is an expert in prosthetics. Hyakkimaru might have gained his senses and limbs and developed into a normal human if he had only defeated all of the demons.

He went out alone to face demons. During his journey, he met Dororo, an orphan who was frequently tortured because of his misbehavior. Despite having a small body, Dororo dares to fight the devil even though it has to threaten his life.

They’ve been getting closer since then, especially as they both have the same objective: to destroy demons. When one is in danger, the other protects him.

Dororo continued to act as a male in season one. He did so because he didn’t want to attract unwanted attention. Doror’s gender, however, is eventually revealed near the end of the episode.

Dororo Characters

1. Hyakkimaru

Hyakkimaru 1

Hyakkimaru is the protagonist of the story of Dororo. He is on a journey to recover his missing body parts and destroy the demons that took them. The creatures had taken his bodily components as part of a bargain with his father and archenemy.

After learning the whole truth from his mother, he believes that he has only one purpose in his life: to avenge himself on his father and brother, and reclaim all of his lost body parts. Dororo, a young thief, accompanies him on his difficult journey.

2. Dororo

dororo 01

Dororo is an young orphan who accompanies Hyakkimaru on his journey. Dororo was the only kid in a group of robbers’ leaders. Dororo joins Hyakkimaru on his travels and adventures after being rescued by him from a demon.

At last, it was revealed that Dororo was originally a girl, but had lived as a boy since she could remember. Some people think that Dororo’s silence is due to his parents, who raised her as a boy instead of a girl since birth. Dororo refuses to be vocal or dress femininely.

*Wrap It Up

After knowing the plot of the first season, how will the story in the next season be? Many anime fans hope that the second season still includes the story of Hyakkimaru and Dororo’s journey.

In the next season, it is also possible that the audience will see the two main characters who have grown up. Hyakkimaru who is committed to rebuilding the village and the people in it seems to be an exciting story. He will try to give better hope and protect those around him from suffering.

So, does Hakkimaru manage to get all his limbs by killing demons? Will he be happy with Dororo? This is what Dororo fans are asking.

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