35 Cute Anime Boys

It is not always a girl with large eyes and rosy cheeks that captures our attention. Yes, anime girls are also some of the most beautiful creatures in existence, but sometimes we have to give credit where it’s due: anime boys can be just as pretty!

Boys are often the ones that start anime series off and gain popularity in various ways, but it’s easy to think that they’re all the same. They often are similar in their personalities and behavior, but that is just because anime creators like to stick with what works for them.

Today we’ll take a look at some of these beautiful boys who may not be as well known as their female counterparts! These are some of the best cute anime boys that deserve a chance in the spotlight.

Juuzou Suzuya – Tokyo Ghoul

cute anime boy

Suzuya is the squad leader of the CCG’s Suzuya Squad. He has a laid-back, sarcastic personality but becomes serious when engaged in combat against ghouls.

Like his squad members, he doesn’t like having ghoul investigators from other branches join their team for missions despite not letting it show much and instead constantly praises them. He has a high regard for his leader, Amon, and is easily upset at any remarks that might insult him.

Haruyuki Arita – Accel World

cute anime boy

Haruyuki Arita, better known as Haru, is the protagonist of Accel World. He is a short and fat schoolboy. He was taunted for his appearance since it set him apart from others. He is a kind, hilarious, and serious individual in everything he undertakes.

Ruka Urushibara – Steins;Gate

cute anime boy

One of the very cute anime boys that you shouldn’t miss is Ruka. He is a boy but was born with a female appearance. Not only that, his voice, and even his heart was much closer to a woman’s than a man’s.

Hiroto Suwa – Orange

cute anime boy

Suwa has been Naho’s crush since they were in junior high together, but he never really noticed her until she transferred schools.

Years ago when they were still kids, he promised to marry Naho and is glad to still be with her. He is very caring towards his friends, especially Naho, and wants nothing but the best for them.

Shouyou Hinata – Haikyuu!!

cute anime boy

Hinata is cheerful, energetic, and positive almost to a fault. He looks at everything optimistically and is very coachable.

Despite the fact that he’s short, Hinata isn’t afraid to get in the face of taller people. He doesn’t let his small size stop him from achieving his dreams and is always looking ahead.

Gon Freecss – Hunter x Hunter

Gon Freecss 1

Gon was born as the son of Ging Freecss, who disappeared when he was a baby. Nobody knew where his father went until he came back when Ging was an adult and Gon had grown into a child.

However, due to his father’s disappearance, people looked down on Gon and his aunt Mito, who raised Gon for the majority of his childhood.

Killua Zoldyck – Hunter x Hunter

Killua Zoldyck 1

He and Gon are best friends despite the fact that they met only a few years ago. He comes from a family of assassins and was trained by his family to become one thus he used to be cold and distant, but over time he started to open up more with others. He knows how to get serious when he has to, but prefers not to.

Mikoto Mikoshiba – Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Mikoto Mikoshiba 1

Mikoshiba is the school’s most handsome and popular guy. He gives off a cool vibe, but in reality, he is very kind.

He is a typical idol fanboy, but doesn’t have a lot of experience when it comes to girls. He’s always cheering on his friends, even though deep down he’s envious of them.

Saika Totsuka – My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

Saika Totsuka 1

Totsuka is a friendly student who often acts as the mood maker of his fellow classmates.

He seems to be on good terms with everyone and has a lot of friends, although Hikigaya claims he only hangs out with people for their looks. Many students in school all love him and have crushes on him due to his looks and easygoing personality.

Akabane Karma – Assassination Classroom

akabane karma 1

He is one of the most popular boys in class 3E. He’s very handsome and talks like an evil boss, but he is also rather cruel as he believes only those who stand out should be killed to make the world better.

Despite his intimidating appearance, he enjoys having fun with friends and can be quite comedic when he wants to be.

Shiota Nagisa – Assassination Classroom

Shiota Nagisa 1

Nagisa is a quiet and shy student who is in the same class as Karma but he’s actually very bright despite his timid personality. He’s so shy that usually people don’t notice him, which was surprising since he was one of Koro’s favorite students.

Asta – Black Clover

Asta 1

He is a guy who has no magic power, but has dream of becoming the Wizard King. He always has a smile on his face, even in the worst situations. He’s very strong-willed and never gives up which makes him a great wizard but an awful roommate.

Yuno – Black Clover

Yuno 1

He is a cute boy who has the same dream as Asta to be the Wizard King. He’s very talented and can use magic better than most kids her age. He lives at an orphanage, but despite living in poverty, he always tries to make the best out of a bad situation.

Shou Kurusu – Uta no Prince-sama

Shou Kurusu 1

Kurusu is cute and very popular among women for his good looks and sweet personality. He’s always trying to cheer people up, especially those who are sad about something or someone.

Sora – No Game No Life

Sora 1

He may look like an ordinary cute boy, but he is actually the older twin brother of Shiro. He’s very fast to get mad and will beat anyone up if they insult his sister, even though she seems to be more violent than him.

Konohamaru – Naruto

Konohamaru 1

Konohamaru is not only cute, but also very respectful. He is the leader of a group of kids who call him boss. When Udon becomes his pupil, Konohamaru’s dream is to become like his idol Naruto and make everyone in the village respect him as much as they do for Naruto.

Armin Arlert – Attack on Titan

Armin Arlert 1

Although Armin is cute, he’s also very intelligent and is well known by many people since the beginning of the story.

He has a lot of knowledge about different things in this world and uses his intelligence to think of plans when they’re needed. However, that doesn’t make him any less cute because he still remains cute in both his regular and titan form.

Nobi Nobita – Doraemon

Nobi Nobita 1

Nobita is cute even though he’s often bullied by other classmates because of his unproportionally large head. Nobita is very cute, but he can be a pain in the neck sometimes since he doesn’t listen to what others say and always gets himself into trouble with Suneo and Gian.

Yato – Noragami

Yato 1

He might not be cute because of his scary appearance, but inside he’s a cute boy. He has a cute voice and helps people make their wishes come true, even though he is very lazy most of the time.

Kuroko Tetsuya – Kuroko no Basket

Kuroko Tetsuya 1

Kuroko looks cute despite the fact that he is genderless, but he’s cute even though he seems like a loner who doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of his team.

He mostly keeps to himself and has trouble opening up to other people, however, this cute boy is cute enough for anyone to love him.

Okazaki Tomoya – Clannad

Okazaki Tomoya 1

Tomoya is cute, but only when he’s not angry. When his temper flares up, people run for their lives because it’s not cute at all and will hurt anyone who gets in his way.

Sakamoto – Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto

Sakamoto 1

Sakamoto is cute and perfect in every way. He’s cute and has a cute personality, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be able to beat down anyone who tries to mess with him or his friends.

Reg – Made In Abyss

Reg 1

Even though Reg is cute, he’s also very mysterious. He doesn’t talk much and seems cold to anyone who tries to get closer to him. However, despite his cute appearance and cute voice, everyone knows he isn’t a cute boy at all.

Coby – One Piece

Coby 1

Coby might not be cute in the traditional sense of the word, but he is cute nonetheless. He’s cute and doesn’t like to fight even though he tries his best to protect his friends. Coby looks like a tough fighter, but that isn’t the case when you get to know him better.

Hachiman Hikigaya – My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

Hachiman Hikigaya 1

Hachiman is cute and knows it. He has no problem with using his cute looks to get what he wants, but that doesn’t mean he will give in easily. Hachiman might seem cute on the outside, but inside he’s a lot more than just cute.

Yukihira Soma – Shokugeki no Soma

Yukihira Soma 1

Soma is cute despite the fact that he acts like a tough guy most of the time. He may look cute and innocent, but you will be in for a surprise when you find out how much he has matured throughout the course of his story.

Natsu Dragneel – Fairy Tail

Natsu Dragneel 1

Natsu is cute even though he’s often considered the bad boy of his guild. He might look cute, but a cute face doesn’t mean anything if you act like Natsu most of the time.

If you cross him, then it’s best to run and hide until he’s cooled down again. However, once he gets to know you, then this cute boy will soon warm up and become cute.

Kageyama Tobio – Haikyuu!

Kageyama Tobio 1

Although Tobio is cute and very good at playing volleyball, he’s not cute when it comes to his personality. He might seem cute on the outside, but on the inside he’s all ambition and drive. He won’t be able to play his best if he isn’t cute on the inside.

Gray Fullbuster – Fairy Tail

Gray Fullbuster 1

Gray is cute even though he might not look cute to others. He has a cute personality, but isn’t cute on the outside.

The girls of his guild think he’s very cute and will try everything in their power to make him theirs. However, Gray doesn’t seem to care about that and tries his best not to get close to anyone.

Natsuki Subaru – Re:Zero

Natsuki Subaru 1

Subaru might seem cute at first, but if you get to know him then you will soon change your mind. Even though he tries his best to be cute and kind towards others, that doesn’t mean anything if he keeps getting killed off over and over again because of what the world did to him.

Levi Ackerman – Attack on Titan

Levi Ackerman 1

Levi looks cute even though he’s a tough fighter. He might look cute on the outside, but that doesn’t mean he’s cute at all. In fact, it’s just the opposite as this cute boy is only cute so people will leave him alone and stop asking questions.

Hisoka – Hunter x Hunter

cute anime boy

Hisoka may look cute, but he’s anything but cute. His strange personality and his unending love for death makes him one of the most feared fighters in the world.

He might be cute because of his looks, but once you get to know him better then there won’t be much left that’s actually pure and cute.

Inuyasha – Inuyasha

cute anime boy

Known for his dog-like appearance, Inuyasha is a half-dog demon trying to get back the Shikon Jewel shards in order to become human.

His power and looks are alluring, but what really makes him cute is his personality. He’s kind of an idiot sometimes but he has a good heart and tries not to hurt others.

Kirito – Sword Art Online

cute anime boy

Kirito is a strong swordsman, especially with his large sword in SAO. He’s usually playing games he enjoys, and doesn’t complain about it all the time.

This makes him less annoying than other gamers sometimes. His strength is something that girls notice and tend to be attracted to despite his low charisma irl.

Sasuke Uchiha – Naruto

cute anime boy

Sasuke Uchiha is one of the most canonically attractive characters in Naruto. His dark eyes and hair are some things girls can’t resist on top of his quiet personality. If they could, he would have been the protagonist instead of Naruto anyway…

*Wrap It Up

If you’re in need of a cute anime boy, don’t worry because we’ve got your back. From the outside they might seem like adorable and cuddly figures that are worth pursuing but beware!

They can also be moody or have an attitude problem on the inside. The list is long as there are many different types to choose from, so take some time checking out this article for more information about how these boys will make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside too!

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