Blood Lad Season 2: Things To Know About

I’m sure you’re as excited for Blood Lad Season 2 as I am. Here are some things to know about the season when it airs.

Blood Lad is an anime based off of a Japanese manga and was first aired on July 11, 2013. 

After the first season’s success, Blood Lad was one of the anime that fans were waiting for. When it comes to Blood Lad Season 2 airing date, this is the most up-to-date news!

Blood Lad Story About

blood lad season 2

Blood Lad is an anime series about a boy named Staz who is obsessed with the human world. He’s living in the Demon World, but he wants to go back to the human world, so he decides to summon a human by holding an sacred gauntlet that was supposed to go to his left hand, but instead it lands on his right hand. The boy that appears appears to be human, but has fangs and long curly hair. Staz takes him home without thinking it through much. When he realizes that this boy can’t live in the Demon World because of his appearance, Staz tries to return him back home through a portal. But he cannot do so because there are guards at the entrance of the portal who won’t let him pass. Staz makes Fuyumi, the ghost of his childhood friend who was killed by a monster, to pretend to be his left hand so that he can pass through with ease. But what Staz doesn’t know is that the human boy’s name is actually Yanagi Sakoshita

During his stay in this world, Staz receives a letter from his old friend, Wolf. In the letter it says that he’s been promoted as the underboss of some gang or something along those lines, and for this reason he would like to meet up with Staz because he has an item that will allow things to be more fun in this world. The character Wolf is incredibly powerful, and Staz is intrigued by the fact that he wants to meet up with him, so he decides to go there.

The story goes on as Staz learns about his new life in this world with Fuyumi and Yanagi. There are misunderstandings between them because of certain events that happen throughout the series which leads to one thing: comedy. The anime adds a lot of comedic elements to make the show entertaining and fun for all ages, but still make it interesting enough as an action anime as well.

Blood Lad Season 2 Release Date

blood lad season 2

The second season has not been announced officially. However, Perhaps the story will continue in the near future, and there’s a manga sequel, which we can assume by information about the second season of anime. Information about the continuation hasn’t been revealed yet, but as soon as it is, we’ll let you know.

We should expect to see it as early as next year if the first season continues as quickly as it was being released.

What to expect in Blood Lad Season 2

blood lad season 2

The last episode of Blood Lad tells us that the story continues in a different place than where it previously left off. But there’s not much known about what will happen next, but perhaps we’ll see how Fuyumi is doing after she lost her body thanks to Lily.

We can expect some sort of explanation of what happened to her (or if they didn’t explain it, we can expect them to explain it in future episodes).

Blood Lad Characters

1. Staz Charlie Blood

He is the main character of this story. He was really obsessed with the human world, but after he meets Yanagi, his new friend and comrade as well as his old friend Wolf (who he has not seen in many years), his life is completely changed.

2. Hydra Bell

She is a female vampire who is the leader of a gang. However, she doesn’t have much power compared to Wolf. She becomes Staz’s comrade as well because he saved her from being killed by some other vampires after she was banished from her group. Later she becomes known as Bell Hydra though.

3. Wolf

is a character that we don’t know much about yet, but we can expect him to be incredibly powerful since he sent Staz a letter to meet up with him. We know nothing about his history or backstory, but we can assume throughout the series that he’ll help Staz in some way since he’s an old friend of his.

4. Fuyumi

is a girl who was once a ghost, but later becomes a normal human again after she loses her body to Lily. After she becomes a human again, Staz makes her to be his left hand so that there’s someone who can talk to him besides Yanagi.

*Wrap It Up

The only information that was released about the next season is what happened to some of the main characters. But perhaps they will bring out other characters like Bell, Wolf, and other minor characters. Other than this, there’s not much known about what to expect.

However, the manga version of the anime has extended what happened after Staz became part of this world very well, so perhaps that will be an indication about what to expect in future episodes.

We know that there’s a lot more information to come out about Blood Lad season 2 because it hasn’t been announced officially yet. But we will be keeping you up to date with any new information as soon as it’s announced!

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