10 Best Superpower Anime You Must Watch

Superpower anime is an anime genre where the characters have great and extraordinary strength/abilities.

Typically, the superpower genre centers on one character suddenly gaining divine powers that exceed other characters’ strengths.

The superpower genre is usually combined with various genres such as action, fantasy, and others.

Characters who get divine powers are usually used to fight enemies who both have superpowers.

So, here is Animagz’s 10 best superpower anime recommendations you must watch.

10. Tokyo Ghoul

best superpower anime

This first anime is very popular among anime lovers with the Ghoul world theme, where ghouls eat humans and become a threat to humans.

Tokyo Ghoul is set in Tokyo, where many Ghouls are roaming around to prey on humans to become the strongest.

The main character in this anime is Kaneki Ken, who is originally a human, and one day, he meets a female Ghoul who wants to eat him.

But a mysterious accident occurred and made the Ghoul die and not eat Kaneki.

But the accident also left Kaneki in critical condition, so doctors transplanted one of Kaneki’s damaged organs from this female Ghoul’s organ.

This transparency process then turned Kaneki into half a Ghoul.

Although he didn’t want to be a Ghoul at first, he continued to get stronger and train to be a good Ghoul.

At one point where he met the strongest Ghoul and fought him. In the end, he won, then he ate the Ghoul and became the strongest Ghoul who was invincible.

9. Nanatsu no Taizai

best superpower anime

The next anime is Nanatsu no Tazai, which tells the story of 7 knights accused of committing crimes to the kingdom.

This anime is a superpower anime combined with the comedy genre and a setting during the royal era, making this anime highly recommended.

The depiction of the main character named Meliodas is very calm in every situation. It is the leader of 7 sinner warriors, and each of his characters has strong and unique strengths.

Besides that, Meliodas also possessed true and extraordinary strength, the power of a demon king.

Even so, he did not boast about his strength to other people like the devil he was carrying.

8. Mob Psycho 100

superpower anime

This anime is no less cool than other superpower anime.

Mob psycho is a superpower anime with a main character with telekinesis power beyond human reason.

Mob psycho tells of a high school student named Mob who wants to control his strength properly.

He also worked part-time in a ghost exorcist business and was accompanied by a worker named Arata Reigen.

By working in the office, the mob thinks its power will be used properly.

Even from the power of telekinesis that is still not 100% used, Mob can defeat creatures with great strength.

Besides that, when something makes Mob angry, and his emotions increase to 100%, he will release 100% telekinesis power and easily defeat the enemy.

7. Bleach

best superpower anime

This anime is an old anime. Even so, this anime also has a good and exciting story.

Bleach is a superpower anime that tells a swordsman (Shinigami) who exterminates hollow (evil spirits).

The story is centered on a high school boy named Ichigo, who wants to protect something valuable and becomes a Shinigami.

In each battle, Ichigo has his own challenges he faces.

In this way, he finds out about Shinigami and practices on how to use their powers.

Accompanied by their classmates who also have powers that can help Ichigo, they try to protect the world from evil spirits called Hollows.

The result he got was that he could fully control his strength and became the strongest Shinigami to trounce the strongest Hollow.

6. Boku no Hero Academia

superpower anime

The next superpower anime is Boku no Hero Academia, which is no doubt about its superpower side.

Boku no Hero is an anime that tells the story of a world of heroes where everyone can have superpowers called “quirk.”

The main character in this anime is named Midoriya Izuku, who has a bad life, is ostracized by his friend, and has no strength.

Besides that, Midoriya has a passion for being a hero who can be relied upon and strong, like the idol hero named All Might, who is the number one hero.

But his life changed completely when he was chosen to be the successor of All Might’s power as One for All.

This power looks the same as Saitama’s from the One Punch Man Anime, which in one hit will release wind power that can destroy anything.

By training hard so that his body doesn’t get damaged by using his extraordinary strength and other techniques so that his body can use his strength from the battles, he is doing.

5. One Punch Man

best superpower anime

This anime does not doubt its super strength.

Just like the title One Punch Man, this anime has a superpower genre that is very cool and very riveting in every battle.

Coupled with the main character’s design, who has a hobby of being a hero and has a plain, geeky, bald face, and calm nature makes this anime very worth watching.

Besides that, Saitama’s main character has powers that are beyond human reason and has no known origin.

He is always accompanied by his student named Genos, who is an S rank hero, while Saitama, as his teacher, only gets a rank C hero.

Saitama has the power to defeat his enemies with just one punch easily.

Even though this anime is a superpower anime, this anime’s comedy side is very entertaining.

4. Overlord

superpower anime

This anime does not doubt the superpower genre.

Plus, this anime has a high rating for anime lovers.

Overlord is an anime where the main character is trapped in a game and becomes a businessman or king. The strength of the main character is extraordinary beyond the characters in the world.

You could say that this anime’s main character is the same as the Game Master, who can do everything.

3. One Piece

superpower anime

Surely you are already familiar with this anime.

Almost everyone in the world knows this anime.

One Piece is an anime that tells the story of a pirate world created by Eiichiro Oda, a famous Mangaka.

This anime has a superpower story that is very interesting and cool.

The main character in this anime is Monkey D Luffy, who is stupid, funny, and annoying. That is what makes this anime very interesting to watch.

Despite his stupid nature, Luffy is determined to become the king of pirates.

He has tremendous strength and is surrounded by his reliable Nakama.

This power comes from the devil’s fruit, which will have tremendous power from the fruit.

In every battle, Luffy and his enemies are still far from being expected to win against him.

But his unyielding spirit makes his strength increase, so he has extraordinary techniques to fight enemies easily.

2. Naruto

superpower anime

This anime is also very famous in the world.

Naruto is an anime that tells the story of the ninja world and has a main character named Uzumaki Naruto who dreams of becoming a Hokage (village leader).

Even though it is an old anime, this anime is still exciting to watch, even with a story that is not boring in every episode.

Naruto has tremendous power in his body. This tremendous power came from the nine-tailed fox, who was greatly feared by ninjas.

At one time, he was able to master the power that came from the nine-tailed fox and became the strongest ninja in the world.

1. Dragon Ball

superpower anime

This last anime is an anime that is very famous throughout the world.

Dragon Ball is a superpower anime that is highly recommended.

The main character in this anime is named Goku, who is a Saiyan descent who has superpowers.

Goku can grow stronger as the match progresses.

This Super Saiyan power also has various levels, from the first level to the god level.

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