10 Best Sports Anime You Must Watch

Who doesn’t know Captain Tsubasa?

This legendary anime sport was quite popular during its heyday and is always remembered today.

Now, there are so many sports anime that have sprung up and amaze many anime lovers worldwide.

The choice of sports that appear varies, from individual to group sports.

Fierce matches between teams and individuals make anime sports even more exciting.

The following is a list of Animagz’s 10 best sports anime of all time you must watch.

10. Yuri !!! On Ice

sports anime

The first anime has the theme of ice skating.

This anime tells about Yuuri Katsuki at the Grand Prix Skating Championship.

He carried Japan’s hopes on his shoulders but unfortunately, he suffered a crushing defeat in the final.

With a feeling of despair, he returned to his hometown in Kyushu and thought of retiring from the world of skating.

However, when he meets a world champion five times in a row, Viktor Nikiforov, who suddenly appears with his team-mate, Yuuri Plisetsky, a young skater who is starting to surpass his seniors, now a feeling of revival begins in his heart.

9. Yowamushi Pedal

best sports anime

Who doesn’t know this anime? Even outside anime fans, many people know about this anime.

This anime is one of the best sports anime, with the theme of cycling.

This anime tells about a boy named Sakamichi Onoda who just entered high school.

Onoda is an otaku who wants to join an anime club.

However, because the anime club at his school has been disbanded, he must find at least 4 people who want to join so that the anime club in his school can be re-formed.

The story begins when he meets Imaizumi Shunsuke, a new student who joins a bicycle racing club.

8. Free!

sports anime

Do you like swimming?

If so, you must watch this anime one.

This anime tells about Haruka Nanase along with his other friends, Makoto, Nagisa, and Rin.

The four of them really like swimming and used to participate in a swimming tournament together and won it, but after they graduated from elementary school, they separated.

After a few years, they finally met again as high school students, but things changed, not like before.

The reason is, Rin has now changed. He is not what he used to be.

Rin is now very obsessed with the Olympics and sees Haruka as an obstacle to overcome.

Because of that, Rin went to a different school and joined a different club with Haruka.

After the bitter reunion, Haruka finally, together with Makoto and Nagisa, formed a swimming club at his school (Imatobi Swim Club).

7. Chihayafuru

best sports anime

For those of you who really like Japanese culture, this anime can be a recommendation for you.

Chihayafuru is a sports anime with the Karuta game theme, which is a type of card game combined with traditional Japanese poetry.

This anime also has a romance scene that won’t make you bored when watching it.

This anime tells about Chihaya Ayase, a girl who is stubborn and also a tomboy.

Without a dream of his own, she was satisfied with his role in life until she met Arata Wataya.

Arata Wataya is a quiet transfer student in the class who introduces her to “Karuta.”

Inspired by Arata’s passion for the game of Karuta, obsessed with being the best in Japan, Chihaya quickly falls in love with the world of Karuta.

Together with Arata and his friend Taichi Mashima, who are arrogant but tough, she joined the Shiranami Community in the city where they live.

Now in high school, Chihaya has grown into a maniac and is good at playing Karuta.

She aims to set up a Karuta Club in high school, which will get her to go to the national championships at Omi Jingu.

In the end, at the Karuta club in high school, Chihaya rejoins a very troublesome Taichi.

The story of Chihaya’s struggle in realizing her dream begins by gathering many members interested in playing Karuta.

6. Cross Game

best sports anime

This anime is an old anime and with a simple appearance.

Even so, this anime has an interesting story to watch.

Cross Game is a baseball anime and is combined with a touching romance sensation.

This anime tells about Kou Kitamura, the son of the owner of Kitamura Sports.

Then in the same neighborhood, there is also a batting center run by the Tsukishima family.

Due to the closeness and connection between their businesses, the Kitamura and Tsukishima families have been close for years, along with their children.

One of the Tsukishima family’s children is Tsukishima Wakaba, and he has a younger sister named Tsukishima Aoba.

As a child, because Kou and Wakaba were the same age and were always together, Aoba was often jealous when she saw Kou spending time with her brother.

Aoba is a pretty good baseball player, while Kou had no interest in playing baseball at first.

But Kou has quite impressive punches and throws, so Wakaba says that Kou can become a reliable baseball player who surpasses Aoba.

5. Diamond no Ace

best sports anime

No less good than other sports anime, Diamond no Ace is an interesting baseball anime to watch.

The story of the main character who never gives up, coupled with the main character’s silliness, can break the atmosphere of the story.

This anime tells the story of Eijun Sawamura, who often lost in baseball matches during middle school.

Frustrated by the defeat he received, Eijun and his teammates vowed to get national counterparts while they were in high school.

But everything changed when he entered the prestigious Seidou High School in Tokyo after seeing the potential for his unusual playstyle.

Encouraged by his teammate, Eijun accepted the offer, ready to improve his abilities and play at a more competitive level than baseball.

However, now surrounded by newer players on his team, Eijun struggles to find a place on his team.

This is where Eijun’s exciting story begins.

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4. Kuroko no Basket

sports anime

This anime is basketball-themed, and this anime is very popular among anime lovers.

This anime tells about a basketball team from a junior high school named Teikou.

The Teikou Middle School basketball team consists of 5 players with one reserve player named Kuroko.

This basketball team has the nickname “Kiseki no Sedai” or the generation of miracles.

For three consecutive years, they have been able to win every tournament, and no one team has been able to beat it.

Feeling great and having many fans, some of them began to underestimate and disrespect basketball’s sport anymore.

It makes them lazy to practice, and when they graduate, they continue to different high schools.

A Sheirin High School basketball team recently recruited new players, Taiga Kagami, who came from the US, and Kuroko, the sixth former player at Teikou Middle School.

At Sheirin High, Kagami and Kuroko intend to win every tournament and become the best team in Japan.

Of course, their struggle will not be easy because many basketball teams have extraordinary players, and their toughest opponent is the former basketball player from “Kiseki no Sedai.”

3. Eyeshield 21

sports anime

This anime is an old school anime, which is still the best sports anime.

This sports anime has the theme of American Football / Rugby and is added with the comedy genre to make you laugh.

This anime tells the story of the American Football Club led by Hiruma.

Hiruma is a genius quarterback who loves American football.

But at first, not many people joined, so he was only in the club with Kurita, his friend.

But at the time of admission of new students, there was a child who could run named Kobayakawa Sena.

Sena has the ability to run at the speed of light because seeing that potential Hiruma eventually forces him to become the RunningBack of the Devil Bats team.

Sena for those who were initially afraid and didn’t want to become the Demon Devil Bats Team’s spearhead after fighting against Shin from the Ojo White Knight team.

Finally, Sena has a dream to participate in the Christmas Bowl, which is held once a year on a large Tokyo field.

After Sena’s entry, many players joined the Red Devils team.

In the end, the Demon Devil Bats became one of the teams to be counted on in the tournament.

2. Haikyuu!!

sports anime

This anime with the theme of volleyball was never considered an interesting anime, but it’s the opposite.

You could say, sports anime combined with the comedy genre is a favorite among other sports anime.

Interestingly, haikyuu anime is about the two main characters in this anime, who are also rivals.

There are no special abilities with strange names in this anime, but only use terms that are used in volleyball.

This anime tells the story of a teenage student named Hinata Shouyou. Since childhood, he really liked volleyball because he was inspired by Ace, who was nicknamed “Little Giant,” that he saw on television.

Hinata has a small body compared to people her age. Even so, he is always serious about practicing volleyball. During middle school, Hinata created her own volleyball club and had 3 members.

Until the time the tournament was held, due to a lack of people, Hinata asked for help from her 2 friends in different clubs to get into his team to participate in the tournament.

Unfortunately, their first match was also their final match due to a crushing defeat against Team “Field Kings” Tobio Kageyama.

Despite suffering a crushing defeat, Hinata promises to beat Kageyama and surpass him.

After graduating from junior high school, he continued to Karasuno High School and joined the volleyball team.

And at that time, Hinata was very surprised because it turned out that the “Field King” Kageyama also went to the same school as him, Karasuno High School.

1. Captain Tsubasa

sports anime

If you like soccer, this anime is perfect for you to watch.

Besides that, the main characters are so cool and have the talent to make this anime very interesting.

This anime is an old anime and is very popular for anime lovers. Even world football players know about this anime.

This anime has also appeared on Indonesian private TV around the beginning of 2000.

This anime tells the story of an elementary school student whose thoughts and dreams he dedicates to football.

Together with his mother, Tsubasa moved to Nankatsu. In the new city, he met Ishizaki and a great goalkeeper named Wakabayashi to fight over a soccer field.

Tsubasa, who has a small body, is underestimated by Wakabayashi, but Tsubasa also proves his love for football with his skills.

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