21 Best Magic Anime of All Time

The following 21 anime that are all about magic, and show the various different sides of a world with this element. Some may be lighthearted, others dark; some focused on fighting, others on comedy. But they’re all worth checking out!

Magic anime is one of those genres that many people enjoy. It has been around for a few decades, and there are some really good shows in the genre.

It is not a coincidence that the majority of popular anime deal with magical powers. Magic can be used for good or evil, but it is usually used to defeat other magic users. This list includes some of the best magic anime shows that you should watch!

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

best magic anime

This series is an absolute must watch for any fan of the genre. It follows a girl named Madoka Kaname as she accidentally signs a contract to become a magical girl and has to fight against witches in exchange for having one wish granted when she turns 13 years old.

However, her wish ends up being something completely unexpected – which will change everything you know about this series! With stunning visuals and interesting plot twists, this show is a must-watch.

Sailor Moon

best magic anime

This is a long-running magical girl anime, where a group of girls transform into senshi and fight monsters.

She must put on her magical mask and transform into Sailor Moon in order to save the world from the evil forces that are causing chaos everywhere. It may look a bit weird to watch now with its art style, but it’s still worth watching for the amazing animation and action!

Hunter x Hunter

best magic anime

This interesting shounen series follows Gon as he takes the hunter exam to become a professional Hunter. He meets interesting people on his journey and learns some new techniques too!

In Hunter x Hunter, they use power called “Nen” to cast their magic. I won’t spoil any more of the story, but it’s definitely one of my favorites!


best magic anime

This may be overshadowed by Fairy Tail at times, but Bleach is still an excellent anime worth watching. It focuses on Ichigo Kurosaki as he obtains Soul Reaper powers and defends people against evil beings known as Hollows.

Ichigo is a kind-hearted soul, and he always tries to do the right thing for those who need his help. The show has an amazing storyline with many epic fights!

Fairy Tail

ft 3

This is one of the most popular magic anime series of all time. The main character Lucy Heartfilia’s dream is to become a full-fledged wizard in Fairy Tail, but fate has her being forced to join by Natsu Dragneel.

Together, they become respected members of the guild and go on many adventures in the world that’s full of magic.


InuYasha 1

This classic series is another must-watch for any anime fans out there!

It centers around Kagome Higurashi, a girl from Tokyo who gets pulled into another world and brought back in time. She meets the half-demon InuYasha, who travels with her in search of the shards of a special jewel that can be used to protect their home.

Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist 3

This anime series focuses on two brothers named Edward and Alphonse Elric after they attempt to use alchemy to bring their dead mother back.

Edward loses an arm and a leg, while Alphonse loses his entire body as the price for using the magic that they had no knowledge of. They go on a journey in search of the Philosopher’s Stone to try and get both parts of their bodies back – but what will happen when they finally make it to their destination?

Blue Exorcist

Ao no Exorcist 2

This anime follows Rin Okumura as he tries to control his power to defeat his adoptive father, the demon called Satan.

He goes to a school for exorcists and tries to find his own path in life while trying to keep his demon powers hidden from the rest of the world.

Black Clover

Black Clover 3

This epic magic anime is only in the beginning stages of its story, so there are quite a few episodes to watch at this point. It focuses on Asta as he tries to become the Wizard King – a title given to the strongest mage in the Clover Kingdom.

But Asta has no magic power, so what will he do to compete with the other mages? it will be interesting to see what happens with him as he tries to go up against all of them!

The Law of Ueki

ueki 1

This anime is quite old but it’s still worth to watch. It’s about average kids who are given the power to change trash into trees by using their spirit powers in order to compete in a contest for being God.

Unfortunately, they are being targeted by the organization who believe that the kids are just dumb.

Soul Eater


This action-packed shounen series is about three students at a school for weapons and humans known as meisters.

They learn to control their powers with the help of their weapons, and they must defeat evil forces along the way. Soul Eater follows Maka Albarn and her weapon, a scythe named Soul Eater, as they try to stop the spreading of a deadly madness known as Madness.

Shaman King

Shaman King 1

This shounen anime is about a high school student named Yoh Asakura as he tries to become Shaman King.

He must compete with other Shamans who are using spirit powers in order to be named as the strongest one. Shaman King has a total of 64 episodes, so it’s definitely worth checking out if you like anime with action and magic!

Tokyo Ravens

Tokyo Ravens 1

This supernatural shounen is about Harutora Tsuchimikado as he tries to become a powerful Onmyoji after his friend Natsume has been taken away from him.

He ends up going to a special school for people with spirit powers and fights against evil entities that are causing problems in Tokyo.

The Irregular at Magic High School

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 1

This shounen anime is about siblings Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba as they go to a magic high school.

Even though the two have different levels of skills, they both try to become first-class magicians who can protect their city from other forces that are trying to attack it.


Overlord 3

This dark “trapped-in-the-game” light novel series is about Momonga as he stays online in the game named Yggdrasil even after its service has been shut down.

He has to fight against other players and creatures that will try to do anything possible to take over his castle within the virtual world. It’s definitely worth a watch if you like video games and magic!


Fate Zero 1

This prequel series to Fate/stay night is about Kiritsugu Emiya as he tries to find the Holy Grail before anyone else does.

He ends up making many enemies along the way, including other magicians who are trying to get their hands on it for different reasons.

Log Horizon

Log Horizon 2

This is a unique take on the “trapped-in-the-game” anime because it’s about players who can’t log out of their MMORPG and have to live in the world as it turns into real life.

They try to overcome difficulties that come with this transition and work together to fight against other races and organizations that are trying to take over their world.

Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken

best magic anime

This is a very interesting anime that takes place in a fantasy world. A normal salaryman named Satoru Mikami ends up being reincarnated as a slime with superpower.

With the slime body, and the super ability, he can try anything in this fantasy world to become the strongest.

Zero no Tsukaima

magic anime

This anime is about Louise de La Vallière, a special mage who struggles to control her powers.

She is known as the Zero in her school because she can’t use them properly. A regular boy, Saito Hiraga, helps Louise to become a better magic user and they both start going on many adventures together.

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

magic anime

This anime takes place in a fantasy world, where the story follows Aladdin as he goes on adventures with his friends.

They have to find mysterious items that will help them fight against other dark forces that are trying to do anything to take over the world.

Mushoku Tensei

magic anime

This is a very popular manga that has been adapted into an anime. It follows a NEET, Rudeus Greyrat who starts his second life in another world.

After being killed in an accident, he is reincarnated into another world where other people who have been reincarnated live. He can use magic and he goes on adventures with other people.

*Wrap It Up

I hope this list has given you some ideas of the best magic anime that is currently airing. Whether you’re looking for a lighthearted adventure or something darker, there’s bound to be an anime on this list that will suit your taste!

If none of these seem like they would fit what you want in terms of genre or timeline, let us know and we can help guide you towards another series with similar themes. We only provide the very best quality when it comes to TV shows and movies so don’t worry about being disappointed if our suggestions aren’t exactly what you were looking for. It may take some time but eventually we’ll find out which show is perfect for your viewing needs!

Which one was your favorite? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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