15 Best Horror Anime You Must Watch

Ever since the nineteenth century, horror has been one of the most popular genres in the world of entertainment. From books to movies to television shows, people are always looking for a good scare.

The following list contains some of the best horror anime series that many people enjoy and recommend. Some include scary stories and adventures in which protagonists battle horrific creatures, zombies or supernatural phenomena. If you’re looking for something spooky to watch this Halloween season, take a look at these!

Death Note


Death Note takes place in a world where death is just a concept. The protagonist, Light, finds a notebook that allows him to kill anyone he chooses. He decides to use the Death Note to create an utopia. To do this, he must work his way through the detective L and the task-force of police officers known as ‘the Kira Task Force’.

More than the horror story of one person killing others for their own personal gain, this anime deals with difficult topics such as morality and justice.

Parasyte – The Maxim

Kiseijuu 1

“Parasyte – The Maxim” is set in Shinjuku, Tokyo in a fictional 20XX. Shinjuku is invaded by Parasites who take over humans by entering through their noses and ears.

The main character, Izumi, wakes up after being beaten by a street thug and realizes that his right hand is missing. After the Parasites start taking over humans, they start taking on human appearance. Izumi eventually comes across another Parasite who takes over his right arm and starts living inside of him.

Highschool of the Dead

hotd 1

“Highschool of the Dead”, or H.O.T.D., is an action horror anime that takes place in a zombie apocalypse. The main characters are students at Fujimi High who band together to escape from their school after zombies break loose and begin taking over their town.

The horror of this story comes not simply from the zombie apocalypse, but also through the horror of human nature and how some people such as criminals may exploit others in a situation like this.

Higurashi: When They Cry

Higurashi 1

Higurashi begins with an ordinary school year, but quickly becomes very strange when students suddenly begin dying or going missing. The plot thickens as the protagonist, Keiichi, meets a group of people who explain that the town he lives in is cursed.

Elfen Lied

elfen lied 1

Elfen Lied is a horror anime series that is about a young diclonius girl named Lucy, who was brutally tortured and experimented on by the American government. After escaping, she committed massacre against mankind with her vectors.

The horror of this show comes from the violence and horror experienced by Lucy as well as the horror of her unknown past. This horror manga series has extreme graphic content with scenes of high violence. It may not be appropriate for children under 18+ or those who are sensitive to violence or disturbing scenes.


best horor anime

Hellsing is a secret organization responsible for hunting vampires, zombies, werewolves and other supernatural creatures in England. This anime series follows one of their newest recruits as he works with the existing members of Hellsing to defeat an army of ghouls that threatens London and the Queen.

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul 3

Tokyo Ghoul is a horror anime series that takes place in an alternate world where ghouls live in society. They look human and are able to blend into society, but they eat humans for their own survival and pleasure.

This horror anime is about Ken Kaneki, a ghoul who keeps his true identity hidden from everyone he knows. It follows him as he navigates through the horror of being different as well as the horror of experiencing the same kind of horror that his victims experienced.


monster 1

Monster follows the story of a genius surgeon who is on the run after being falsely accused of murdering his wife. He tries to hide out by assuming the identity of Dr. Tenma, a highly skilled neurosurgeon.

The horror in this horror manga series comes from the horror experienced by both Tenma and those around him as they face social dilemmas, experience tragedies, and must make difficult decisions.

Shinsekai Yori

Shin Sekai Yori 1

 A horror anime, Shinsekai Yori follows a group of children in the future who possess telekinetic powers called “keijutsu” or psychic abilities as they try to survive while living under constant surveillance from adults after society collapses due to environmental catastrophes.

Hell Girl

best horor anime

Another popular horror anime is Hell Girl. If you’re looking for a thrilling and terrifying anime to watch, then “Hell Girl” is perfect. It involves an interesting concept of having your wish granted by making someone else suffer in the consequences through Hell.

Correspondence; a website that allows people who already have dark desires or are seeking revenge to be released from their torment if they agree to become Enma Ai’s assistants via sending specific targets on Earth into the depths of hell with her as punishment.

Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland 1

Deadman Wonderland is an anime that takes place in a prison known as Deadman Wonderland. The main character, Ganta Igarashi, has been framed for the murder of his classmates and must try to save them from being killed by other inmates who are all outfitted with special powers called Branch of Sin’s.

The Promised Neverland

Yakusoku no Neverland 3

The Promised Neverland is an anime that tells the story of an orphanage, where they are raised until they grow up. But actually they will be raised until the right time, which is when they will be harvested. They will be harvested and handed over to a mysterious, terrifying creature.


Ajin 1

Ajin is a Japanese anime based on the manga series of the same name by Gamon Sakurai. The anime focuses on Kei Nagura, a human teen who became immortal and can’t feel pain when hit by other humans. He leaves his home after he gets attacked by an unknown entity which makes him scared for his life but has yet to reveal what it wants from him.


horor anime

Shiki is a Japanese horror anime series that is based on the novels of the same name written by Fuyumi Ono. These novels are set in the 1990s and revolve around a group of strangers who are isolated from society. They experience strange deaths caused by an old aristocratic family, and have to face their most primal fears in order to survive.


horor anime

Sankarea is an anime about a zombie. It follows the story of Chihiro Furuya, who has been in love with his classmate Rea Sanka for years despite being ignored by her.

One day, she asks him to help bring back her dead cat using alchemy which he agrees and makes contact with strange chemicals causing them both to fall unconscious only later waking up as zombies after the Alchemy process failed but had unexpected results leaving their souls bound together forever making them unable to eat human flesh or leave each others side if they do then it will lead one of their deaths.


horor anime

Berserk is an anime with a dark and violent setting. The main character Guts, fights his way through the world after losing everything he cared about in order to find someone who understands him enough that they wouldn’t want to kill him.

Berserk’s story features themes of revenge, existentialism, love and betrayal as well as some bizarre creatures like bug-men called apostles/concubines which are humanoid demons born from humans based on their obsession for lust or desire.

*Wrap It Up

The best horror anime to watch when you need a scare. Whether you’re looking for an intense and terrifying anime or just want to get your heart racing, these are some of the most popular ones that people enjoy watching. Some involve scary stories with protagonists battling horrific creatures while others feature zombie-like characters who must fight supernatural phenomena in order to survive.

Which of these scariest anime have you watched? Let us know which one was your favorite!

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