10 Best Harem Anime You Must Watch

Harem anime is an anime that tells the story of a male main character surrounded by many girls.

Surely you guys have thought that living like a harem story must be fun, right?

Usually, the main character in a harem story has a stupid, careless, and unreliable character or even the main character who is quiet, clever, great, and reliable.

The harem story’s main character also wins a lot in the sense of approaching girls and having high fantasies.

Harem anime is very popular among anime lovers because the female anime character is very kawaii and has a tsundere character.

Usually, harem anime is added with romance stories and exciting stories.

Getting interested in harem genre anime?

All right, let’s look at the 10 best harem anime recommendations below.

10. Zero no Tsukaima

harem anime

This first anime is a cool fantasy magic harem anime with a touch of romance.

This anime tells about a selfish witch named Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière.

Although she attends the most prestigious magic school, Louise has serious problems.

Louise was unable to cast magic properly, and it also earned her the nickname “Louise Zero.”

One day a Summoning Ritual exam was conducted.

Each student is required to summon something using magic.

Louise turned the summoning into a catastrophic explosion, and everyone saw this as another failure.

But when the smoke from the explosion started to fade, a boy named Saito Hiraga appeared. Apparently, it was the result of the summoning earlier.

9. Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai

best harem anime

This harem anime is no less good than the others.

By having a supernatural story that is quite exciting plus comedy that will make you smile and laugh.

This anime tells about Katsuragi Keima, a student who likes playing visual novel games.

At school, he was known as Otamegane (Otaku Glasses).

One day, Katsuragi received an email containing a contract offer to subdue women.

Because he thought the email was a game challenge, he accepted it.

After that, a beautiful demon from Hell named Elsie appeared before him.

Elsie asks him for help to catch the soul that is loose and hiding in the body of a woman.

8. Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo

harem anime

A magic mystery that exists in school is an interesting thing to explore.

This anime is a harem school anime with added supernatural and mysteries that have not yet been found.

The main character has a careless and stupid nature, but he has a soul that never backs down.

This anime tells of a man named Yamada Ryuu, a naughty student who often fights, makes trouble, is lazy, and feels that his life is very boring.

One day while on his way to class, an incident occurred. Yamada bumped into a beautiful and smart student who was his classmate named Shiraishi Urara.

As a result, they both fell down the stairs and left Yamada unconscious.

Finally, Yamada woke up at the UKS at his school, but there was something strange about him.

He awakens with the body of Shiraishi.

After further investigation, it turned out that the two of them exchanged bodies as a result of accidentally “kissing” during the incident on the stairs earlier.

It turns out that Shiraishi is one of the 7 magicians in the school.

Every magician has a different power. As a result of this incident, Yamada and Shiraishi intend to find other magicians in this school.

7. High School DxD

harem anime

This anime is very popular among anime lovers with an exciting action story and a harem combined with the ecchi genre that makes this anime never forgotten by anime lovers.

This anime tells about a person named Issei, who is a high school student who lives in a harem.

At that time, he was preparing for his first date with a beautiful girl, but unfortunately, he was sadly attacked by an angel who fell from the sky and killed him.

Because of that incident, his beautiful upperclassman made him reincarnated but as a devil.

The senior said that Issei had become like him, a demon.

And because of that, Issei was dragged into a battle between angels and demons.

6. Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata

harem anime

This anime is a harem anime combined with the romance and school genres that are so thick.

However, the story is packaged and possible and can captivate the audience, plus a wonderful and captivating depiction of heroin.

This anime tells about a student as well as an acute Otaku named Aki Tomoya.

Aki Tomoya is also willing to work part-time to make ends meet for his hobby.

One day there was a meeting that made him fascinated with a girl he did not know.

Perhaps it was the most romantic encounter he had ever had.

The meeting changed his life because meeting with that woman Aki Tomoya immediately aimed to make a galge game with the heroine.

Aki Tomoya then looked for help making the game.

He asks for help from his childhood friend and mangaka doujinshi, Sawamura Spencer Eriri. A novelist, Kasumigaoka Utaha, and the most surprising thing is a woman who fascinates him, Katou Megumi, who turns out to be his classmate.

5. Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei

harem anime

This anime is a harem fantasy anime that you must watch.

Having extraordinary strength from the main character and being accompanied by 2 women who have summoned him to another world.

This anime tells the story of a Sakamoto Takuma man who plays an MMORPG game called Cross Reverie.

In the game, he is a professional and called the Demon King by other players.

One day he suddenly woke up as Demon King Diablo in the game.

It turned out that he had been “summoned” as a slave by 2 girls from the game who were Elf and Cat Girl.

However, because Sakamoto has anti-magic powers, the slave magic actually returned to the 2 girls. As a result, the 2 girls became Sakamoto’s slaves.

This is where Sakamoto begins his adventure in the game world as the Demon King Diablo.

Together with the 2 girls who have become his slaves, Sakamoto continues to live his life as the Demon King and helps with the problems that the 2 girls have.

4. Ore o Suki nano wa Omae dake kayo

best harem anime

Liking childhood friends is a lot more fun than liking people whose character and character are unknown.

It’s the same with this anime, where the main character likes his childhood friend.

This anime has an interesting story with a romantic comedy that is so riveting and interesting to watch.

This anime tells about Kirisagi, a second-year high school student who has to be trapped in a quite complicated love situation.

When he dated Hinata Aoi, who was his childhood friend on Saturdays and Akino Sakura on Sundays.

The two women apparently had the same intention. Both liked Kirisagi’s best friend, Ooga, and asked Kirisagi’s help to get his love.

Because she didn’t want to disappoint the two of them, Kirisagi had to help them both and keep this all by herself.

3. Date A Live

harem anime

This anime is a harem anime that has an interesting story. The main character has immortal strength, coupled with the background story, is a military city and is led by his own brother.

Besides that, this anime has a romance story that will make you bored and a comedy genre that can dilute the story’s atmosphere.

This anime tells about a high school student named Itsuka Shidou, and he lives with his cute sister while his parents work outside the city.

One time, an earthquake suddenly appeared in Shidou, which was caused by the anger of the Spirits.

These spirits are girls with immense power whose origins are unknown and whose presence is denied in the world.

There is only 1 way to stop Spirits, making them “fall in love.”

So, Shidou’s job here was to seduce and get Spirit to fall in love with him.

The goal is to save the world and also save the Spirit.

2. Trinity Seven

best harem anime

This anime has a main character who is careless but has powerful strength.

With a very cool fantasy magic story and accompanied by several female characters who can make the main character stronger by combining the two strengths.

This anime tells about a man named Kasuga Arata who has a peaceful life with his cousin.

However, this peaceful life had to run aground because of a strange phenomenon that he was aware of.

He saw the sun turn black. Realizing this, Arata concluded that he was not in his world.

That world turned out to be an illusion of a Grimoire left by her cousin.

Then came a magician named Lilith Asami, who came from the famous Magician Academy and made Kasuga Arata realize that Arata was actually someone who was crowned the King of the Dark Witches.

Lilith Asami gave 2 choices to Arata, namely handing over Grimoire earlier or dying.

But Arata made the 3rd choice, namely to join Lilith in the Witch Academy and study magic there.

Finally, Lilith Asami agreed to the choice, and Kasuga Arata started a new life in a magician academy.

Inside the academy, there are 7 powerful magicians with the nickname “Trinity Seven.”

Kasuga Arata is required to meet the 7 magicians to learn magic from each of the “Trinity Seven” magicians.

1. Go toubun no Hanayome

harem anime

Living surrounded by girls is a dream for boys.

Likewise, with this anime, the main character is smart and surrounded by 5 twin sisters.

This anime tells a high school boy named Uesugi Fuutarou, who has trouble getting along with other people, plus his struggling family.

Then she got a job by working part-time as a private teacher to help 5 sisters study until they graduated from school.

But the obstacle faced is these 5 girls hate studying and have bad grades.

These five girls love and want to do anything but study.

Their private teacher is Fuutarou Uesugi, who opens private lessons due to a lack of money, and his students are 5 beautiful daughters of rich businessmen.

However, he will not be paid if the 5 girls cannot graduate.

That way, Fuutarou must think of a plan that fits each of the girls’ mindset to make them graduate and get him paid.

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