10 Best Fantasy Anime You Must Watch

Fantasy Anime is a story in the form of an imaginary or delusional story that never occurs in real life.

Even though it looks the same as the Isekai anime, these two things are very different.

Because anime isekai only tells about the main character who enters or is summoned to another world.

Usually, Fantasy anime also tells a story beyond human reason, such as supernatural or superpower.

Here are Animagz’s 10 best Fantasy Anime recommendations you must watch.

10. Accel World

best fantasy anime

This first best fantasy anime is very thick with fantasy stories and romance.

This anime tells Haruyuki Arita, a short and fat, high school student who is always bullied at school.

Feeling that he has no friends, he chooses to spend his time alone playing virtual games and is desperately getting the highest score than any other player.

He also managed to achieve the highest score until one day. His score was suddenly surpassed by another player named Kuroyukihime, the beautiful girl at his school who is the Student Council’s vice president.

Amazed by Haruyuki’s hidden spirit, Kuroyukihime invited him to join or “accelerate” into a sophisticated virtual game called “Brain Burst.”

Here, the human brain’s work is linked together with AR (Augmented Reality) tools, which are accelerated to the highest speed level so that the time course in the real world can seem like it is stopped.

Kuroyukihime invited Haruyuki to play in Brain Burst because Kuroyukihime needed his help in reaching the highest level.

The goal is to meet the creator of Brain Burst and ask why Brain Burst was created and what its real purpose is.

9. No Game No Life

best fantasy anime

This quite famous anime is always awaited for the sequel story.

This anime tells the story of two brothers named Sora and Shiro, who are unbeatable gamers in any game.

In fact, both of them can play 5 different accounts at once and beat thousands of other players.

They are also known by the nickname “Kuuhaku,” which means “Nothing.”

One day they get a mysterious email.

The email invites them to compete in chess online, and of course, they can beat it.

It turned out that the person who asked to compete in chess was “God” in another world called “Tet.”

Because Tet knows Sora and Shiro’s abilities, Tet intends to invite Sora and Shiro to come into his world, wherein that world everything can be solved by playing games.

There wasn’t even violence in that world, and if they wanted to resolve conflicts, they had to solve them by playing games.

This, of course, made Sora and Shiro very interested in that world, and they immediately aimed for the best title in the world, which is to become the “next God” in that world.

8. Sword Art Online

fantasy anime

Fantasy anime is not always beyond our minds. Even from making a game, it can also be a fantasy.

All humans always want to make a fantasy come true. That’s the hope for world gamers who want to be able to enter a game and fight for real.

So with this anime, which tells about the greatest human discovery in history, allowing humans to enter/dive completely in a game played using the NerveGear tool.

This story centers on a great gamer named Kirito, who has a high-level account, and he is very interested in this game.

When he enters the game, that’s where the real fantasy adventure begins.

The reason is, the Game Master told them that they couldn’t just get out of the game and only allowed them to leave by completing the game and fighting the last boss.

7. Fairy Tail

fantasy anime

This anime is an old anime, but it is still good to watch because it has a unique and exciting story.

This anime tells about a magical world where almost everyone has magical abilities.

The magic can be used for buying and selling, helping a life, and making money.

A 17-year-old girl named Lucy wants to become a witch and join one of the elite Magician Guilds in the world, Fairy Tail.

One day, Lucy met Natsu Dragneel. But she doesn’t know that Natsu has the closest relationship with Fairy Tail because he is one of Fairy Tail’s members.

6. Goblin Slayer

best fantasy anime

Goblin, a mythological creature green in color, often sees in games, fiction stories, or animated films.

Usually, Goblins are described as being greedy but weak.

This anime tells about a world full of Goblins who always kill, rape, and kidnap humans.

This story centers on a young boy who has bitter memories of goblins when goblins attack his village.

The Goblin Attack resulted in his older sister dying and being raped by the Goblins.

Seeing the sadistic and terrible death of his sister, he vowed to kill all the goblins in the world, even though goblins are just lowly creatures.

5. Shingeki no Kyoujin

best fantasy anime

Fantasy anime that tells of a giant creature or Kyojin really only happens in our imagination.

This anime tells about the life of humans who live inside large and high walls.

The great wall is useful for protecting them from the threat of attack by a large creature they call Titan.

The wall consists of 3 types, Wall Maria, Wall Rose, and Wall Sina. Wall Maria is the outermost wall, while Wall Sina is the deepest.

One day Wall Maria was destroyed by a mysterious Titan whose size was not like Titan in general.

This Titan is even above Wall Maria, which is 50 meters high and called the Colossal Titan.

As a result of Wall Maria’s destruction, this large hole became the entrance for other Titans to invade and prey on humans.

This story centers on a boy named Eren Yaeger trying to escape from the Titans to save himself.

When he tried to save himself, he experienced a tragedy. Eren’s mother was killed by one of the Titans before his eyes, and Eren could only surrender and cry at the tragedy.

Due to the tragedy, Eren Yaeger intends to take his revenge on the Titans by registering with the country’s Survey Corps / military unit.

He aims to eliminate all the titans to save humanity.

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4. Made In Abyss

fantasy anime

A matter that is full of mystery and beyond human reason becomes something interesting to investigate.

This anime tells about a black hole called Abyss, where no one has ever reached the bottom of the hole.

Inside the hole, there are several layers or floors. On each floor, various mysterious monsters can appear suddenly.

Around the hole, a group called “cave riders” whose task is to explore the depths of the Abyss.

This story centers on a child named Rinko who has a dream to become cave riders like his mother.

Because she was still a beginner, she was only allowed to be on the surface of the hole.

She met a human-robot named “Reg” who did not remember anything about himself and was thought to have come from the deepest Abyss hole.

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3. Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

fantasy anime

This anime has its own story with the main character’s design, who doesn’t have the special ability to fight enemies or something special from him.

This anime tells the story of a man named Subaru whose life changes drastically when he is shopping at a mini-market.

Without realizing it, suddenly, he is in another world after leaving the mini-market. But he immediately likes the place and made a roundabout search for local information.

Only armed with plastic food bags and useless cell phones, he started his adventure in that world.

But a terrible incident happened to him, while he was walking, he was suddenly robbed by several people until he was beaten black and blue.

Fortunately, a silver-haired woman named Satella appears to save him.

To thank her for her help, Subaru also wants to help her find her item that had been stolen by someone.

They also meet with many problems to bring death to him.

He comes back to life without realizing it, and he is not aware of this strange incident.

He repeats his journey until he meets his death again. At that time, Subaru realizes that he has the ability to “return by death.”

2. Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari

best fantasy anime

This anime also has an interesting fantasy story with stories of ancient kingdoms and heroes’ stories to save a kingdom.

This anime tells about 4 heroes summoned to another world that looks like a fantasy world.

Naofumi Iwatani, who is an otaku who becomes one of the heroes summoned by Melromarc.

However, due to being the Hero of the Shield, he was labeled weak due to a lack of ability to fight against monsters.

Naofumi has one friend who accompanies him, the beautiful daughter Malty Melromarc.

But Naofumi is betrayed by her, all of his money is stolen and accused of crimes, and he is labeled a criminal, and everyone hates him.

Full of hatred and vengeance, Naofumi decides to travel alone and vows to take revenge on those who hurt him.

1. Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken

best fantasy anime

This anime has a unique story in depicting the main character, who becomes a Slime, which is a gel-shaped and chewy creature.

This anime tells about a young man named Satou Mikami, 37 years old, killed by robbers while protecting someone.

After dying, he was reborn in another world or “Isekai,” but he was reborn as a slime called Rimuru Tempest.

Then he lives his life as a slime in that world.

But the ability of the Slime is actually powerful, which can copy everything he swallows.

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