10 Best Comedy Anime You Must Watch

Many people love things about comedy.

In fact, some sad people will be relieved just by watching comedy movies.

Likewise, with anime, the comedy genre is indeed the best thing that can churn your stomach.

With the behavior and silliness of a character that can make you laugh.

Unreasonable character behavior and unique games produce a great comedy sensation.

Well, let’s see Animagz’s 10 best comedy anime you must watch.

10. SKET Dance

best comedy anime

This anime has a good and interesting comedy element, plus a silly and stupid depiction of its characters.

This anime tells about a special club called SKET Brigade, which aims to help anyone.

But in reality, SKET Brigade is even known as a club that handles various odd jobs.

Every day, SKET members are always lazy but always try to give their best when someone needs them.

These hilarious SKET members’ daily lives are indeed worthy of being one of the best comedy anime recommendations.

9. Asobi Asobase

comedy anime

This anime is no less funny than the others. Almost all characters in this anime have unusual thoughts.

This anime tells about the school life of 3 girls.

Hanako is a cool-headed girl who is great at athleticism and has a strange fashion sense.

She meets an American transfer student named Olivia and asks her to play a game.

They are very excited, but their enthusiasm actually makes his classmate Kasuki not like games because Kasuki is very bad at playing games.

Hanako, who is bad at English lessons, wants to ask Olivia for help who is a person who used to live in America.

But it turns out that Olivia was born and raised in Japan, making her not good at English.

Their silly everyday stories will make us laugh out loud.

8. D-Frag

comedy anime

It would be best to watch this comedy anime, which tells the strangeness and uniqueness of its fascinating characters.

Starting from the insistence of the main character who has to enter a strange school group, all group members are unique and crazy.

This anime tells about a young boy named Kazama Kenji. He considered himself a naughty boy and like a thug. Even his friends also agree with this.

In the end, he creates a gang with other friends.

One day the Kazama gang gets into trouble with a group of “unusual” women: Chitose, Sakura, Minami, and Roka.

But the Kazama gang is nothing compared to that group of women.

The reputation of the Kazama gang must be damaged. Kazama is forced to join the women’s group, which is actually a game club.

Since then, Kazama’s life has changed drastically.

7. Gintama

best comedy anime

Gintama is the most popular comedy anime to get 9 on the My Anime List site.

Even though it is an old anime, this anime still has a comedy story that can make you laugh out loud.

This anime tells the story of a silly samurai named Sakata Gintoki, Shinpachi, the son of the late samurai, and Kagura, a member of the universe’s strongest race, the Yato Clan, who founded Yorozuya.

Actually, this anime’s essence is to tell about anime parodies or situations in Japan, which are packaged very funnily.

6. Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

comedy anime

This comedy anime is exciting to watch.

This anime is packed with hilarious comedy stories and romance that makes you flowery.

This anime tells about the life of the most “stupid” student in Japan named Yoshii Akihisa.

Akihisa attended a school that had a unique learning system.

When they enter the second grade, they will be divided into 6 classes from A to F.

Each class has different facilities. Class A has facilities like a five-star hotel that has super luxurious facilities.

On the other hand, class F, which is filled with the dumbest students, is the worst class. Even the walls are cracked, and the class is very uninhabitable.

On the second-grade promotion exam, Akihisa takes the exam in a class where there is a popular and smart girl named Himeji Mizuki.

But this girl suddenly feels unwell and passed out automatically, so she can’t take the exam and enters class F, which is filled with idiots, and became a classmate with Akihisa.

Akihisa, who feels wronged by the school system, plans to invite his friend to fight between classes to get class A facilities.

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5. Nichijou

best comedy anime

This anime is one of the best comedy anime with a daily story full of strange and funny things from each of the characters.

This anime can definitely make you laugh spontaneously when watching.

This anime tells three high school kids named Aiyoi Yuuko, Naganohana Mio, and Minakami Mai. They also tell about Professor Hakase about his creation robot supported by Nano, the talking cat.

This anime can make us laugh at every episode; with the Comedy from normal to absurd, it can make you laugh easily.

4. Aho Girl

comedy anime

Do you like silly characters?

Just like the title Aho Girl which means stupid girl.

This anime is a recommendation for you, with a guaranteed story to make you laugh out loud.

This anime tells about a high school girl named Yoshiko Hanabatake.

Yoshiko is known for her social and academic stupidity, and she has a childhood friend named Akuru.

Yoshiko is so stupid that she even get scored 0 on the test.

She always played with Akuru and always bothering him.

Because Akuru is none other than Yoshiko’s childhood friend, so he has no other choice to keep an eye on that idiot Yoshiko.

3. Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan

best comedy anime

Anime comedy is usually followed by things that are strange and don’t make sense.

Likewise, this anime, with a narrative that is made very shounen.

This anime tells the story of a teenager named Saiki Kusuo, who, since birth, has extraordinary supernatural powers.

He can always live his life very easily.

He has many superhuman powers such as telepathy, teleportation, psychokinesis, disappearing, and so on.

He can get everything he wants with his strength.

But he thinks the power is just a curse and makes him uncomfortable.

Saiki wants to live a normal life and find peace like everyone else. Therefore, since kindergarten, Saiki never used his power again.

Saiki tries to keep his strength secret from his school friends.

But since entering high school, he started meeting new and strange friends.

Many things are happening around him, and Saiki is forced to get swept up in the madness of his friends.

The unique thing in this anime is that Saiki never speaks directly.

In the story, he only makes a voice in his heart that only the audience can hear.

2. One Punch Man

best comedy anime

For Anime Lovers who don’t know Anime One Punch Man.

The anime that has the main character of the bald Saitama is actually also an Action genre anime.

However, the comedy in this anime is powerful in every episode, making almost an outline of a comedy wrapped in action.

Coupled with the main character’s design, who has a silly look and is flat and also bald.

This anime tells about the daily life of someone named Saitama, who has a powerful punch, so this anime is titled One Punch Man.

His daily activities are only spent in his apartment with boring activities as usual.

Occasionally on his way, he encountered monsters, and the monsters always died with just one punch.

Saitama always feels disappointed because monsters are always destroyed with just one hit.

Finally, to change his boring everyday life, he tries to enter the hero association and hopes to find a monster that can make him fight seriously.

After that, he decides to become a hero as a hobby to fill his days not to be boring.

1. Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou

comedy anime

Don’t miss this comedy anime. This anime focuses on 3 very funny male friendships.

Under the title Daily Lives of high school Boys, this anime tells about the lives of high school students every day, starting from getting up in the morning, having breakfast, going to school, fantasizing, fighting, practicing, doing silly things, falling in love, summer vacation and much more…

This anime is centered on 3 stupid people, namely Tabata Hidenori, Tanaka Yoshitake, and Tadakuni.

They live their high school years, which are filled with different colors and flavors every day.

That is the point of the story. The essence of this anime is about the daily lives of funny high school students.

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