10 Best Anime Movie You Must Watch

Do you like anime movies?

Anime movies are different from anime episodes because anime movies only have one video with a duration of about 60 minutes to 120 minutes.

But there are also anime movies that have a series.

Recently, several good movies have appeared that can make anime lovers love them.

Here are some recommendations for the best anime movies.

10. 5 Centimeters per Second

best anime movie

This anime is quite interesting for the story and also has a good romance.

This anime tells Takaki Toono and Akari Shinohara, two close friends and classmates, whose Akari family is transferred to another region in Japan due to their family work.

Despite their separation, they continued to keep in touch by letter. When Takaki finds out that his family is moving too, he decides to meet Akari one last time.

As time passed, they continued down their own path, their distance slowly grew wider, and their contact with each other faded.

However, they continue to remember each other and their time together. They kept wondering if they would have the chance to meet one more time.

9. Hotarubi no Mori e

best anime movie

This anime also has a unique story, plus the main character who cannot be touched by humans.

This anime tells about a 6-year-old girl, Takegawa Hotaru, who is spending summer vacation at her uncle’s house.

Instead, she got lost in a forest where the Mountain God and the spirits lived.

When Hotaru starts crying because she doesn’t know the way home, suddenly a man named Gin appears.

Gin said that he was not a human but a spirit that lived in the forest.

He also said that if he came into contact with humans, he would disappear. Finally, Gin escorted Hotaru out of the forest.

From that day on, Horatu always returned to the forest to meet Gin and spend time together until summer ended.

Hotaru also promised to return to the forest every summer.

8. Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki

anime movie

Unlike the previous anime, this anime movie has a unique story with a half-wolf character.

Besides, it is mixed with the atmosphere of how it feels to take care of small children until they grow up.

This anime tells about a hardworking student named Hana.

At that time, Hana loved a mysterious man who attended a class on her campus. But actually, that man is not “human” as in general.

When the full moon, the man changes to his original form and confesses to Hana that he is the last werewolf living in this world.

Despite this, Hana’s love was powerful, and she decided to start a family life with the man.

Their love gave birth to 2 healthy children, namely Ame, born when it rained, and Yuki, who was born when it snowed.

In fact, both of them inherited the power to change into a wolf-like their father.

But Hana’s happiness did not last long. Her lover died not long after that and made Hana’s heartbroken.

However, Hana must be strong because she has 2 children to care for.

This anime focuses on Hana’s struggle in caring for her 2 children in the middle of a densely populated city while hiding her child’s real identity.

7. Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda

anime movie

This anime has a unique story to watch due to the character who has excessive hallucinations.

This anime tells about Jun, a girl who used to be cheerful.

But when she was a child, she said very inappropriate things that made her family fall apart.

To not say anything that would hurt other people’s feelings, “Egg Fairy” appeared and sealed her words.

One day, Jun was appointed by a teacher at her school to become a Regional Student Exchange Executive Committee member.

Together with 3 school friends, she started living her life as a member of the executive committee and tried to face her past to continue living in the future.

6. Bakemono no Ko

best anime movie

This anime is no less good than other anime movies and has a story where animals can live like humans.

This anime tells about Ren, who is the main character who has just lost his mother in an accident and he wants to live with his father.

But it couldn’t because his parents were divorced, and his mother won custody of Ren.

Ren refused to be adopted and chose to live by the Shibuya area’s famous roadside in Tokyo.

One day he met 2 very mysterious cloaked “animals” Ren chose to follow them to another dimension called Shibutengai. That dimension has a building structure resembling a building in Japan.

What is different from that world is that it is inhabited by wild animals that are like humans, who are trained to master martial arts.

Then Ren became a student of Kumatetsu, a wild animal who brought Ren to that world.

Finally, Ren decided to stay there for a while.

5. Kotonoha no Niwa

anime movie

The next anime is an anime that is unique because it only has a short duration, which is only 46 minutes.

This anime tells the story of a student named Takao Akizuki, who wants to become a shoemaker.

One day he was skipping class and wanted to continue designing shoes in a park.

That’s where he met a mysterious woman for the first time. Then their meeting continued, but only when it was raining.

Their intense meeting started to make small conversations between them.

Until in the end, they also have hidden feelings for each other.

4. Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai

best anime movie

This anime is very popular because the live-action version is cool, and the story is interesting.

This anime tells about a student named Shiga Haruki, a quiet and indifferent boy.

One day while in the hospital, he found a diary that actually belonged to his classmate named Yamauchi Sakura, who was a beautiful, popular, and cheerful student.

Sakura was even interested in becoming friends with Haruki because of his mediocre attitude and seemed to know nothing, even though Haruki himself already knew Sakura’s secret.

It started with Sakura spending time with Haruki by teasing him, joining in as a library keeper, or that Haruki was in danger because many boys liked sakura.

3. Koe no Katachi

anime movie

This anime is one of the best anime movie recommendations because of its cool visuals, stories, and soundtracks.

This anime tells about Ishida Shouya, who is famous as a naughty student.

When a new student named Shouko Nishimiya came to his class, he badly treated Nishimiya because Nishimiya wanted to be his friend.

He made Nishimiya’s hearing aid, which was broken many times so that Nishimiya had to change schools again.

The incident also made Shouya labeled a naughty boy and liked to bully so that his friends shunned him until he entered high school as if he was strangled.

Since then, Shouya felt guilty towards Nishimiya and wanted to make amends for her to apologize and become friends with Nishimiya.

2. Kimi no Na Wa

best anime movie

This anime has succeeded in shaking anime lovers with its amazing story, visuals, and soundtrack.

This anime has received several awards, such as being the best-selling anime of all time, defeating Spirited Away, which has lasted 15 years, and winning the international award from LAFCA as the best-selling anime of 2016.

This anime tells about two teenagers named Taki and Mitsuha whose souls are mysteriously exchanged. Taki lives in Tokyo while Mitsuha lives in a fictional village called Itomori.

They both also have to exchange diaries, so they don’t mess with each other in their respective lives.

Every morning their souls had to exchange so that at one point, Taki was confused about why his souls haven’t switched anymore.

So that makes Taki intend to meet Mitsuha even though he doesn’t know where Mitsuha lives and only armed with an image he has ever painted.

On the way, he heard that the place where Mitsuha lived had been destroyed by a meteor that had hit the area some time ago.

So that makes Taki try to fight to save Mitsuha and the other villagers.


1. Spirited Away

best anime movie

Spirited Away was released in 2001, written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki, who is also the co-founder of Studio Ghibli, where the anime is distributed.

Anime Spirited Away also became the first Japanese animated film to win an Oscar in 2002.

Although this spirited away anime was released in 2001, the characters, setting, and narrative look like a legend.

This anime is exciting to watch. The graphics are amazing, and also the audio quality is clear.

This anime tells about Chihiro, who was forced to change schools because she followed her parents, who had to move places.

And in the middle of the trip, they have to pass through an alley, but because there is a statue in the middle that blocks the car’s speed. As a result, they have to walk to pass it.

Chihiro felt strange about the place and asked her parents to come back, but her parents chuckled about walking down the hall.

After making it through the passage, Chihiro’s parents assumed that it was a long-abandoned amusement park.

But a moment after that, Chihiro’s father suddenly smelled very delicious food and followed the smell of the food, as well as making her sure that this place still had inhabitants.

Then Chihiro’s parents found the food source, precisely in a shop where there were lots of delicious food.

When his parents were eating, Chihiro, who didn’t want to join in eating the food, tried to take a walk around the place, and then something strange happened.

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