17+ Cute Anime Dogs

You know that feeling you get when you see a dog? You’re not alone. Dogs have been man’s best friend for over 10,000 years. Dogs are also become a friend in Anime.

People usually like dogs, and we often see there’re dogs in anime. A lot of them are really cute. Anime dog has a special role in an anime production: they can be the protagonist’s best friend or just a pet that is always with their owners and sometimes become an important character in the story.

We wanted to share our list of some of the most popular Anime Dogs from around the world!

Pakkun – Naruto

cute anime dogs

Pakkun is a brown dog with a blue bandana around his neck. Pakkun is Kakashi’s summon who often sneaks alongside Kakashi as a puddle of water during combat.

He’s very calm, cool, collected, and like a real ninja in a dog’s body. He’s one of those characters who disappears from the anime after a certain episode, but he has a very important role as Kakashi’s dog/summon.

Akamaru – Naruto

cute anime dogs

Inuzuka Kiba’s dog is named Akamaru. He is his closest friend and aids in all of Kiba’s assaults.

As a puppy, he may be found either inside Kiba’s coat or on top of his head, but he later grows to be so big that Kiba can ride him. Kiba can communicate with him since he has excellent hearing and senses, even for a dog.

Tetsuya 2 – Kuroko no Basuke

cute anime dogs

Tetsuya 2 is an exception, since not all dogs enjoy basketball. Tetsuya Kuroko’s adorable puppy is great at dribbling a ball and even has a team jersey.

His talents extend beyond the court, as he’s also a fantastic cheerleader who barks his approval whenever the team scores.

Kazuhito Harumi – Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou

cute anime dogs

He was once a middle-school student who loved reading. He died when he shielded a girl from a crazy gunman.

He was reincarnated as a dachshund and given to Kirihime, who turned out to be his favorite bestselling author.

Iggy – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

cute anime dogs

In the streets of New York’s Lower East Side, Iggy was discovered by Muhammad Avdol. He is only approachable by Avdol.

In the series, Iggy is known for his passion for coffee-flavored chewing gum and his rivalry with Jean Pierre Polnareff. Iggy was also one of the most anti-social dogs imaginable, as he farted on a person’s face while chewing and pulling out their hair.

Apo – Uchuu Kyoudai


Hibito has a pet pug called Apo. His name comes from the Apollo mission to the moon.

He has a heart shaped patch of fur on his left side, and likes to eat hot dogs. He can serve as an accurate and brutally effective alarm clock.

Ein – Cowboy Bebop


“Data dog” is a term used to describe Ein. His brain was somehow enhanced, at least in terms of its cognitive ability.

Ein is clearly highly intelligent, as he is able to answer the phone, driving (just the wheel), utilize the SSW, play shogi, and perform a variety of other activities that an ordinary canine should not be able to accomplish.

Potato – Air


Potato is a stray dog who spends most of his time with Kirishima Kano.

Its primary role is to provide comic relief, but it was the catalyst for Yukito and Kano’s unlikely encounter.

Maru – Kimi ni Todoke


Maru is a stray dog that Sawako and Kazehaya both saw on their way to school.

Kazehaya ends up taking him in and keeping him. He later gets his name, Pedro Martinez, from Pin and his nickname, Maru, from Sawako.

Sadaharu – Gintama


Sadaharu is an inugami who has the outward appearance of a large dog.

He’s actually an inugami, despite his rather canine appearance. When he sits on his haunches, he reaches heights above most people.

Guts – Kill la Kill


Guts is the Mankanshoku family’s beloved pug. He is welcomed into the family as a pet, displaying the characteristics of his kind, and his excellent boi aura is immediately apparent.

Tadakichi-san – Azumanga Daioh


Chiyo’s pet dog is named Tadakichi-san, or Mr. Tadakichi. Prior to entering high school, she was a five-year veteran of a Great Pyrenees.

He is a kind, mild-mannered and docile elephant who is large enough for Chiyo to ride on his back. Because he doesn’t bite her, she likes him particularly.

Heen – Howl no Ugoku Shiro


Heen is a strange dog that trails after Sophie. He is the Madame Sulliman’s personal errand dog.

He makes his debut when Howl asks Sophie to go to the Royal Castle as “Mrs. Pendragon,” while Howl follows behind disguised, and informs Madame Suliman that Howl is a coward and useless.

Mametarou – Massugu ni Ikou

cute anime dogs

He is a crossbread dog with a sunny disposition who tells the tale of his owner, and what happens to her.

He is very patient and knows what to do in case of an emergency, like a devoted dog would.

Shigure Sohma – Fruits Basket

cute anime dogs

Shigure becomes the Chinese Zodiac dog whenever he is hugged by the opposite gender or when his body is put under a lot of strain.

Shigure is a member of the Sohma family, one of the first to exist. He’s unassuming and low-key, and he seldom shows his seriousness.

Sable – My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

cute anime dogs

The Yuigahama family’s dog is Sable. Sablé is a male light brown Dachshund.

Sugared is a sprightly, energetic dog who adores playing. He frequently strains his leash and exploits Yui to get away.

Black Hayate – Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

cute anime dogs

Riza’s adorable and highly disciplined anime dog is Black Hayate. Hayate is a gentle, loyal companion who will do anything for his master.

In case his proprietor was in danger, he’ll rush to her defense without hesitation.

Chikuwa – Yuru Camp

cute anime dogs

Ena Saitou’s dog from Yuru Camp. Chikuwa is a Chihuahua-type dog. Heeler, a small breed of dog, has a lot of energy and enjoys walking.

*Wrap It Up

That’s all about the discussion this time about cute anime dogs. Dogs are recognized as people’s friends who are funny, adorable, and obedient.

There are so many different kinds of dogs, each with its own set of characteristics. Which dog is your favorite? Please leave a comment below!

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