Ajin Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

Ajin is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Gamon Sakurai. This anime has been concluded in two seasons. Ajin season 3 is a mystery to many people, since the last season left the fans in a cliffhanger. Ajin Season 3 is a highly anticipated anime for many fans, but the production company has not yet confirmed it.

Now, we are facing with many question, When will it come out? What’s going to happen in the new season? Who will be in it? There are so many questions, and we may never find out because Polygon Pictures, as the studio still hasn’t confirmed anything about Ajin Season 3 yet.

In this blog post, I’m going to talk about what we know for sure- that there will be an Ajin Season 3! Tune in for more info!

Ajin Season 3 Release Date

Ajin Season 3

Fans of Ajin Season 3 are eagerly waiting for the next season to air. There is a lot of speculation about when it will release and we explore that in this article, including what we know so far.

The first season released on January 2016 with 13 episodes, then the second season was aired on October 2016 and since then there has been no news about the third season’s release date.

Until now, there still hasn’t been any official update from Polygon pictures regarding the continuation of Aijin season 3.

It may cause two things, the first, Aijin season 1 follows the story from manga, but in season 2, it’s deviated from the manga source, so it will be difficult to cover production story of the third season.

Another reason is, the delay of the production Aijin due to pandemic. This epidemic has affected every book and movie production, and it is no different. But we should not be concerned. Japan anime can take up to five years to renew. Season three is anticipated to debut in 2022.

Ajin Plot

Ajin Season 3

Ajin: Demi-human focuses on Japanese student Nagai Kei, who is recognized an “Ajin” when he is hit by a car and fatally wounded. In the world of Ajin, a small number of humans (termed “Ajin”) have immortality and extraordinary regenerative abilities that activate upon death, allowing them to fully recover from any fatal injury in seconds.

Ajin can also create “black ghosts,” highly dangerous combat-oriented beings that are only visible to other Ajin. black ghosts are invulnerable to physical damage, have tremendous bodily strength, and teethe and claws. The level of intellect in different “black ghost” varies: the majority are completely reliant on their Ajin for instructions, while others, such as Kei’s, are more self-reliant and inclined to take independent initiatives.

As a result, Ajin are regarded as hazardous and unnatural by the general public, and they are usually captured by governments. Governments claim to safeguard Ajin, but in truth, most utilize them as test subjects for cruel and unethical research practices since their potential to fully heal from catastrophic injuries provides an unending supply of organs and bodies for dangerous tests (such as live-fire weapons testing).

As a result, Ajin who have escaped from government control (such as Satou, the main antagonist) are bent on exacting vengeance on governments. Kei, on the other hand, refuses to get involved in the growing Ajin-human conflict and instead agrees to fight against Satou for his freedom from government experimentation in exchange for being able to leave.

(source: wikipedia)

Ajin Characters

1. Kei Nagai


He is a 17-year-old boy who is the series’ primary protagonist. He’s an Ajin. Eriko, his little sister feels that he is “trash”. Kei was initially portrayed as an academic, serious individual.

2. Satou


He is Ajin, and also a terrorist/anti-human. He is a mature guy who appears to be cheerful and calm, and shows no compunction about taking the lives of others.

3. Kaito 


He’s a childhood friend of Kei’s. He aids Kei in escaping his attackers after learning that he was an Ajin, even though they haven’t spoken in years.

Final Words

Ajin season 3 is a mystery to many people, since the last season left the fans in a cliffhanger. With many unanswered questions and no confirmed release date, we can only speculate on what might happen in Ajin Season 3. 

We can’t wait until these questions are answered! Stay tuned here for more updates about this anime series as they come out!

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