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Even though anime is good or not, it is not always the same as other people’s opinions. Still, many various media conclude data both from user reviews or the number of ratings.

However, this time we will discuss 11 of the Best Anime Recommendations of all time according to Animagz.

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11. Steins; Gate

best anime of all time

This anime was released in 2011. This anime tells the story of a crazy scientist named Rintarou Okabe, who starts crazy research on a time machine.

He rents a boarding room where he indulges himself in his hobby of creating “future gadgets” along with his friends whom he often calls lab members Mayuri Shiina, his childhood friend, and Hashida Itaru, a perverted hacker nicknamed “Daru. ”

In essence, this anime tells about a time machine that was successfully created. And they try to change the future by going back to the past.

This anime also takes the theme of a true story about a time traveler named John Titor, who was widely discussed in the 2000s.

This anime combines a time machine story with a little romance and also some thrillers.

This anime is quite popular globally and even ranks second on one of the well-known anime websites,

Thus, for those of you who like time machine stories, this anime is highly recommended.

Alternative title: –

Genres: Thriller, Sci-Fi.


  • Highly recommended for those of you who like time machine stories.
  • Not recommended for beginners because the storyline is a little complicated and difficult to understand.


10. Shingeki no Kyojin

best anime of all time

The anime has become popular instantly since the release of its first season in 2013.

Anime lovers around the world await this anime for its sequel.

Yup, Kyoujin in Japanese, which means giant.

This anime tells the story of human life inside a high wall because of a giant who continues to haunt humans outside the wall.

Shingeki no Kyoujin tells a young boy named Eren Jeagar who wants to kill all the giants after a terrible incident where the giants eat his mother.

From here, the story of Eren and his two friends Mikasa and Armin begins by entering into an army called Chosa Heidan or the Survey Corps, which investigates all the giants outside the walls.

This anime story becomes even more interesting when Eren turns out to have the ability to turn into a giant that he got from his father.

This anime has quite interesting characteristics in its story packaging.
Stories that have a depiction of the past that are far from technology make their own charm.

The appearance of giants who are the antagonist in this story makes a different sense of action.

Alternative title: Attack On Titan

Genres: Action, Fantasy.

Notes: Not recommended for beginners because the story is full of action with blood and murder effects.


9. Tenki no Ko

best anime of all time

This anime has successfully shocked anime lovers in the world in 2019 with an interesting and deep story.

Tenki no Ko has an alternative title in English, namely “weathering with you.”

This anime basically tells about a girl named Hina Amano, who in the story is known as an incarnation of the weather goddess.

Then he went to the top of the building and passed through a gate or “torii.” It was the first time she became a weather girl who could call out sunny weather when it rained.

Then she began to make her skills as a rain handler with the younger brother and a boy she ever met, Hodaka Morishima.

Even though this anime has a romantic side, the romantic story is only spice and is not really a romance genre story.

However, what makes this anime very popular is the fantasy side shown in this anime, combined with everyday life.

Then the next plus point is the animation effect, which is very amazing and extraordinary.

Because this anime is produced which is famous for its good animation, CoMix Wave Films studio.

Alternative title: Weathering With You

Genres: Slice of Life, Drama, Romance, Fantasy.

Notes: It has a little sense of romance; if you are looking for a deep romance story, this anime will be a little disappointing.


8. Yakusoku No Neverland

best anime of all time

This anime, which was released in 2019, immediately amazed many anime lovers.

The appearance of children’s characters and unusual genres have made this anime one of the best anime.

This anime tells about the lives of children who are in an orphanage.

The 3 main characters are the smartest children in the orphanage, and they are Ray, Norman, and Emma.

They are educated intensively, and after they are 6 years old, they will be looked for by adoptive parents.

But one night, Emma & Norman accidentally crossed a forbidden area, and there they found terrible monsters.

And in the end, they find out that they will not get adoptive parents but will be harvested to feed the monsters.

From there, their story of survival and escape begins.

Alternative title: The Promised Neverland

Genres: Slice of Life, Drama, Romance.

Notes: Kids characters, escape & survival story.


7. Death Note

best anime

Death note, this anime, which is considered a legendary anime, deserves to be included in the best anime recommendations.

This anime was released in 2006.

The interesting impression in this anime immediately made anime lovers really like & admire the story of Death Note.

This anime tells the story of Yagami Light, the main character in the death note series who accidentally finds a notebook dropped by the god of death or “shinigami.”

This notebook can lead to death if their name is written in the book, and because of that, the book is called Death Note.

This story is even more interesting because a protagonist named “L” is a genius detective who can trace the source of death of people who suddenly die because their names are written in the Death Note.

This very popular anime has greatly influenced many people in the world. In fact, many memes have been created from this Death Note anime.

Alternative title: デスノート

Genres: Mistery, Psychological, Supernatural, Thriller.

Notes: Recommended for beginners.


6. Kuroko no Basket

best anime of all time

Lately, the sports genre anime is quite popular besides the legend, Captain Tsubasa, and Slam Dunk.

One of the anime is titled Kuroko no Basket. This anime has 3 seasons and finished in the third season in 2015.

This anime tells the story of a high school that wants to win a national basketball competition. This story centers on the main characters, Kagami Taiga & Kuroko Tetsuya.

Kuroko no Basket has an interesting story where 6 basketball players have strength over other basketball players.

They are called “Kiseki no Sedai” or miracle generation.

Kuroko & Kagami want to win the national basketball competition, which must face Kiseki no Sedai, split into many top schools in Japan.

Kagami & Kuroko’s struggle to defeat the genius really makes this anime story alive.

The extraordinary abilities that all players own make a new experience in each match.

Alternative title: Kuroko’s Basketball

Genres: Sports, School.

Notes: Recommended for beginners, The characters have superpower ability.


5. One Piece

best anime of all time

One of the best anime in the world? One Piece is definitely included in it.

Unlike Naruto, who has finished, the One Piece series is still running and makes many people curious.

This anime is adapted from the One Piece manga series, which was first published in 1997, and the anime version was first released in 1999.

Due to its skyrocketing popularity, the One Piece series has become the best-selling manga series in history.

One Piece tells the story of a pirate’s life centered on the main character named Monkey D Luffy, who wants to become a pirate king by finding a treasure called One Piece.

Luffy goes on an adventure while gathering his fellow pirates and facing many strong enemies in order to find One Piece and become the king of pirates.

The One Piece story is even more interesting because various unique powers come from the Devil Fruit.

Alternative title: –

Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy.

Notes: Recommended for beginners.


4. Naruto

best anime

The best anime with a ninja story? The answer must be Naruto.

Apart from One Piece, Naruto is one of the best anime, which also has many fans.

The Naruto was first released in manga series released in 1999, and an anime adaptation was first released in 2002.

Naruto anime is divided into two titles: Naruto, and then followed by Naruto: Shippuden.

The Naruto series has finished both the manga and anime series. The manga series finished in 2014, while the anime finished in 2017. But now, the Naruto story is continued with the story of his son, Boruto.

This anime tells about the world of ninja or shinobi and centers on the main character named Uzumaki Naruto, who wants to become a Hokage (village leader).

The story about ninja is exciting, and even the “Jutsu” in this Naruto anime is very memorable for the fans.

Alternative title: Naruto, Naruto: Shippuden

Genres: Action, Adventure, Martial Arts.

Notes: Recommended for beginners.


3. Clannad

best anime

In third place is the Clannad, which has the genre of a slice of life combined with romance.

Maybe this anime is not widely known by many people.

Even so, this anime is quite interesting and has even entered the top 20 best anime on the

Clannad ended in 2 seasons, and the first season was released in 2007, while the second season was released in 2008 entitled Clannad: After Story.

This anime tells the story of the love journey and life stories of each of the characters, which centers on the main characters named Okazaki Tomoya, and Furukawa Nagisa.

There are many things we can get from this anime, and the story is very touching.

Alternative title: –

Genres: Drama, Romance, Slice of Life.

Notes: Recommended for beginners, but a little boring.


2. Kimi no Na Wa

kimi no na wa image 2

Kimi no Na Wa, since the release of this anime in 2016, this anime is quite popular all over the world.

Just like the Tenki no Ko, this anime is also produced by the CoMix Wave Films studio. So the amazing animation is also one of the selling points of this anime.

This anime has the romance genre, which is combined with the supernatural genre that makes this anime very interesting.

In essence, Kimi no Na Wa tells about a destiny of love that cannot be separated from anything. (but packed with supernatural stories).

Supernatural events in this anime give the impression of an unusual depth of love story, so this anime is highly recommended for those who like the deep romance genre.

Alternative title: Your Name

Genres: Romance, Supernatural.

Notes: Recommended for the love-story seeker.


1. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

best anime

Fullmetal Alchemist is an anime released in 2009 and has two different anime versions.

The former Fullmetal Alchemist was released in 2003 under the title “Fullmetal Alchemist” with 51 episodes.

While the latest version was released in 2009 with the title “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” with 64 episodes.

This anime has a unique story wherein the anime world has a supernatural concept combined with alchemy.

In addition to the exciting and thrilling battle atmosphere, this anime also tells about the concepts of human nature as depicted through the homunculus characters, and those are Lust, Gluttony, Sloth, Greed, Envy, and Wrath.

Alternative title: FMA, FMA: Brotherhood.

Genres: Action, Adventure, Magic.

Notes: Recommended for beginners.